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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Old West

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"Now, you are in the Old West. Follow the green trail to start another mission. At the building that the green pieces lead up to, destroy the colorful structure and turn it into a climbing wall. Climb onto the rooftop and move from building to building.

From now on, you are accompanied by a new character- Vitruvius. Thanks to his staff, he can very fight very effectively and throw it, to use it as a bar and stun the enemy. Smash the bricks at the skeleton and use them to build a bridge. Only Vitruvius may cross the bridge.

On the second building, destroy the object and use the bricks to build a bridge. Then, use the drill to destroy the wall.

Further on, climb up and collect the part of the plans by going left. This will allow you to build a new structure later on, which will enable you to climb to the balcony.

Keep going right with the whole party. Free the object by using the drill, at the foot of the climbing wall, and move the block to the right, into the green field.

Above, you need to use Vitruvius's staff - press and hold down the action key to take your aim, and release it to throw the staff. Switch to Wyldstyle and climb up, using the staff and lower the ladder. Destroy the roof of the annex, as Emmet, and use the bricks to build a bridge, as another character.

You can cross the bridge only as Vitruvius, again. He is also capable of entering the construction mode - use this to build a launchpad.

After you have built a bridge again and used Emmet's key, collect the three parts of the plans and examine the structure in the middle. The first two bits are at the balustrades. The third one is in the henhouse, Smash the boards to get inside and collect the last part.

After you have built a catapult, approach the belt elevator and climb onto the dynamite barrel. You need to roll it over to the catapult and release the blockade. Repeat the action three times.

Stun the flying robot with jetpack, by throwing Vitruvius's staff at it and begin construction before the robot wakes up.

After you have crossed the rooftops, you will end up in a dead end. First, destroy the police ladders - before you can destroy the third one, you also need to destroy the nearby cages and use the bricks to build a missing element of the ladder.

"Finally, after you have dealt with the majority of the incoming opponents, stun the flying robot, which will arrive, with the cane and use it as a construction element.

The final minigame consists in shooting down the incoming enemies. Emmet has can use a machine gun and Vitruvius - dynamite. You will receive more studs by destroying the elements on the sides.

To get to the next mission, you need to her onto the small building in the corner, to the right of the gate, as Wyldstyle. To do that, jump over, from the building on the left, to the other side, using Vitruvius's staff.

On the train, jump over the railway cars to the right, while destroying the robots that you encounter. At some point, a car will be released. Use Emmet's wrench to fix the link.

Once you spot a robot hovering in the air, hit it with the staff and use it to build a catapult and the other elements.

Once you gain access to the car, destroy the crates inside and build a trampoline. To bounce off, use the jump button.

Once you reach a location where there is the biggest gap between the cars, use Wyldstyle to jump onto the staff. By doing that, you will be able to get into the crane and get the rest of your companions across the gap.

After the cutscene, where you will get under rocket fire, once you reach the blazing car, build a wooden platform and stab the cane into the side of the car. Further on Wyldstyle will be able to make it over onto the next car.

After you have eliminated the enemy in the neighboring car, you will be able to collect the golden manual, which appears in its remains.

At the end of the next car, you will find a valve. Attach it to the hose on the rooftop of the previous car, to extinguish fire.

Then, build stairs and push them off the roof, which will enable the remaining characters to climb onto the roof.

At the blocked passage, fix the mechanism to lower the platform. Then, you need to watch out for fire conducted at the cars - the spot where the projectile hits will e marked for a brief moment, with a red reticule. Then, you need to build a structure - you need plans, which can be obtained by Wyldstyle, from the side of the neighboring car, with the use of the staff.

To climb up, switch to Vitruvius, climb onto the structure and jump over to the neighboring car. Then, walk over the flames. You will then have to jump over to the car on the neighboring tracks and cut through the opponents to reach its end.

Enter the architect mode and build the brake. You can eliminate the enemies on the neighboring train with the staff (hold down the attack key).

You then need to make it over to the rooftop, as the girl, and knock the ladder off. On the roof, Emmet needs to drill into the car's roof, in a specific spot. Follow up until you reach the railway engine.

On the railway engine, there is the last construction that you need to perform. Do this as either Wyldstyle or Vitruvius. After that, this mission will end.