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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough Flatbush Gulch

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"You start the next stage while falling down narrow tunnels. Past the second turn, hold on to the lower ledge (the Down direction). Inside the circle of studs, there is a golden manual. Then, you will slide down the slope - collect as many studs as you can.

On the right of the square, there is a tower with a fan, and a robot throwing dynamite on it. At the foot of the tower, at the side of the pile of stones, and wait for dynamite to blow it up. Then, start drilling into the tower.

After the tower collapses, you can jump onto it, as Wyldstyle. To fix the mechanism on the blade of the fan, lower the ladder and fix the driving mechanism, as Emmet. Climb down and collect the first part of the plans.

You still need the second part of the plans - you will find it inside the shed, on the left. Jump up with the girl and grab onto the bar, to remove the chest. Inside, there also are robots.

After you have completed the plans, build carriage in the middle. After you change your clothes and eliminate the enemy robots, fire your pistol at the target on the side of the carriage (pull weapon with the "Special" key, aimed shot - hold down the action key and take your aim).

Then, aim at the target on the side of the building to the right of the gate. The explosion will enable you to get to the object inside. As Wyldstyle, build a new structure.

Mount the horse now (with the character switch key) and ride into the mechanism. Keep tapping the Special key, quickly, to open the gate.

Apart from the elimination of robots, and collecting studs, in the bar, you need to perform several actions. First of all, stand on the table at the counter and wait until the red reticule, of the robot with the dynamite, appears. After the explosion, climb to the higher level. On the stairs you will find a violet stud (value: 10000)

At the other side, you will notice an action field, for construction. Mark the elements, which will result in a ladder being built. As Emmet, climb to the higher level and fix the mechanism in the corner of the room.