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The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough The Final Showdown

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"To start the final stage, pick up the block in the center of the square and throw it at the building with the target on it. Then, walk through the hole.

Once you destroy all of the golden blocks, use Emmet's mech to throw a big object at the cracked screen. One well-aimed hit is enough.

You will make it onto the rooftops. Again, just like earlier, you need to destroy the robot's golden blocks and throw a big object, supplied by the other characters, at the robot's screen.

At the top level, you need to avoid the robot's legs and, when they jam in the rooftop, attack them. The fastest way to destroy them is with Emmet's basic attack.

At the right side of the rooftop, you will find three fans arranged in a row. Smash them to receive a golden manual.

After you have destroyed the robot's two legs, you will be able to perform the special action. Keep tapping the Special key quickly to finish off the boss.