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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 10.1 The Master Sword

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There are a ton of Moblins and Darknuts within the Castle, but they are all frozen and are unable to harm Link.

Likewise, these enemies are statues and Link cannot defeat them at the moment. Additionally, there is another exit to the castle on the opposite side. However, there is nothing of interest for us to do there at the moment.

Run over to the center part of the Castle and you'll see a Triforce emblem on the floor along with a trio of blocks.

Two of the blocks are right next to each other, while the third one is just to the side.

What you need to do here is pull the triangle pieces

so that they sit on top of the Triangle marks on the flooring that makeup the Triforce.

There are a few triangle blocks that stick out of the ground, preventing Link from pushing the moveable blocks on top of them.

Once Link successfully shapes the three blocks, they'll drop into the floor, and the large hero statue in the Castle will move, revealing a staircase.

Run down the staircase and make your way over to the Pedestal where the legendary Master Sword sits.




After a short cinematic, return to the staircase and climb back up to the upper floor of Hyrule Castle.

The two entrances of the castle are now blocked off and all of the Moblins and Darknuts are now active. Link will needed to defeat every last enemy in this room to remove the barriers. Fortunately, Link now has the upgraded Master Sword and these enemies are much easier to defeat.

While fighting the enemies, be sure to use the Grappling Hook to snatch up some spoils. Moblins will always leave a Skull Necklace while the Darknut will leave a Knight's Crest. Link cannot pull the Knight's Crest out initially and will first need to remove the Darknut's helmet.

After all the enemies have been defeated, exit the Castle the way your first entered and return to the King of Red Lions.

Jump on the sail on the boat and sail over to the shining light to return to the top of the Great Sea, just outside of the Tower of the Gods.