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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 8.5 More Fun on the Great Sea

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Nothing in this section is required and if you'd like to continue onward in the main quest, jump over to section 8.6. Additionally, we will be getting the Swift Sail in this chapter from Windfall Island. This makes traversing the Great Sea a lot faster and easier. You may choose to get that item first. As we journey back to Windfall Island, there are a ton of things we can do along the way.

The first stop is one square region north of Outset Island, located at Five-Eye Reef. To the east of Five-Eye Reef, there is a Platform sticking out of the water. These platforms can be found throughout the Great Sea and they give a variety of rewards. Most of them usually have turrets along the outside, as does this one. Link can use his bomb canon to shoot down these turrets. Sometimes Link will get rewards for defeating all the turrets. For this particular platform, that is not the case. Link can just climb on board where he'll find a series of Bokoblins, which is a good place to snatch Joy Pendants. There is a small treasure chest, but it just contains a Golden Feather.

From Five-Eye Reef, Link can travel one screen north and one screen east to reach Stone Watcher Island. While there is nothing in particular to do at the actual island, just east of the island there is another Platform. This one however has a series of turrets surrounding it.

Sail around the Platform and shoot down all of the turrets, using the canon. Once all have been defeated, a treasure chest will appear on the platform. Climb on up and you'll find two treasure chests, one containing a red rupee, and the one that just appeared containing Piece of Heart #17.

Two square regions east of Stone Watcher Island is the Private Oasis where we can collected a Treasure Chart. Sail on over and then climb up towards the building. At the southeast part of the platform, there is a higher ledge nearby. It's just a tad bit too far too jump to.

So play the Wind's Requiem and shift the wind to the southeast. Jump and use your Deku Leaf to reach the higher ledge. Run over and open the chets to get Treasure Chart #27.

Return back west two square regions. One screen to the north of Stone Watcher Island, Link will find Cyclops Reef. Just to the west of the island, another Platform can be seen in the water.

This one is identical to the first one, consisting of a group of Bokoblins that when defeated, cause a treasure chest to appear with a Golden Feather.

Continue sailing north one more region and you'll arrive at the area known as Tingle Island.

At this location a giant 12-eyed Big Octo can be found by sailing towards the Seagulls, located at the northend end of the square region

When fighting the Big Octo, Link can use the canon to knock out an eye with a single bomb. Alternatively, he can use the Boomerang, in which it will take three hits to each eye to defeat the Big Octo.

Once the Big Octo has been defeated, sail on over to the shining mark in the Great Sea. Ue your Salvage Arm to pull up the treasure containing Piece of Heart #18.

Continue sailing northward one square region to Spectacle Island. On the island, you will see the red mailbox bouncing around. Examine it to get a letter from Grandma containing a red rupee.

Climb to the top of the island and you'll find Salvatore here. Speak to him and pay 50 rupees to play Salvatore's Barrel Shoot mini-game. In this game Link must lineup the cannon and change the angle in which it shoots. The trick here is to always uses degrees in multiples of '5' such as 15, 20, 25, 30, etc... Each time you play the game, the barrels are in different locations. After playing a few times, you should be able to recognize the actual distance of the canons.

For winning the first round Salvatore will reward Link with Piece of Heart #19. After winning, Link can play a second time to win Treasure Chart #17. Every subsequent time Link wins the game, he will be rewarded with an orange rupee.

Our next destination is one screen north over at Northern Fairy Island. Before going to the actual island, sail to the western portion of the square region where you will find a submarine. Defeat the bokoblins if you'd like for some joy pendants and then head inside. Drop down below and defeat all of the moblins. Once they are all defeated, climb back up and use the ropes to swing across to get to the the side of the room. It is very reminiscent of Niko's second mini-game on the Pirate Ship. Once you reach the other side, open the treasure chest to get Treasure Chart #22.

Sail on over to Northern Fairy Island, located in the south central portion of the square region. Drop down into the fairy fountain located at the center of the island.

Walk over to the Fairy and the Great Fairy will upgrade your wallet to the largest wallet, now capable of holding 5000 rupees!

We now want to set sail for Windfall Island, one square region southeast of Northern Fairy Island.

On Windfall Island there are a number of things we can do. Our first stop is over at the lone gravestone near where the Pirate Ship was located. Run on over and you'll find a man dancing next to the gravestone. Speak to him and then pull out the Wind Waker. This will trigger him to remember the proper rhythm. Use the Wind Waker and play the song, Right Left, and Down. Successfully doing so will allow Link to learn the Song of Passing! This song allows Link to change Day to Night and vice versa almost whenever he pleases.

Our next stop is here at the Auction House. Run over to the mailbox and then right by the archway. The Auction House is the second building on the right. However, the auction is only available at night time, so play the Song of Passing before entering.

Inside of the auction house walk over and speak with Zunari to trigger the start of the auction. You will likely need oveer 800 rupees in order to get all the notable items at the auction. If you don't have enough rupees at the moment, no worries as we'll be getting tons of rupees later in this chapter. However, we want to get the Swift Sail now if at all possible to make things easier later in the chapter.

The room quickly fills with residents of Windfall Island. There are five total items that will be for auction but only four of them are worthwhile. Treasure Chart #18, which starts at 5 Treasure Chart #38, which starts at 60 rupees, Piece of Heart #20, which starts at 80 rupees, and the Swift Sail, which starts at 100 rupees. The fifth auction item is a Joy Pendant, which starts off at 40 rupees.

The amount of rupees that each item sells for is a bit random. However there are strategies to assure that Link comes away with the winning bid. During the auction, there is a meter at the bottom of the screen. It moves slowly, but you can tap 'A' to speed it up. Once the meter is full, Link can submit a bid amount. The trick is not too bid too early in the auction. The auction runs for 1 full minute and there will two notes stating that the auction is almost over, followed by a 5-second warning.

"You shouldn't press 'A' to advance your meter until late in the auction. After the second warning, build it up, and near the 5-second warning, max it out so that you can place a bid. Whatever the bid price is at, if Link bids an amount that is over 10% of the current bid, all of the other participants in the auction will be stunned for almost 15 seconds. If Link bids 20% more than the top auction price, they will be stunned even longer. Towards the end of the auction, make such a bid and it will assure that Link wins.

"At this point in the quest it is not essential to get all the items from the Auction House. However, the Swift Sail in particular will make travel on the Great Sea a lot easier. We'll be getting a ton of rupees later in this section, so if you don't have the rupees, you can come back to the Auction House shortly.

We can also use the Deluxe Pictograph to obtain another Piece of Heart on Windfall Island. Walk over to Linda in front of Salvatore's Game Shop and speak to Linda a few times. She will ask you to take a pictograph of her and to include her whole body. Take the pictograph and find Anton, one of the guys walking around Windfall Island.

He starts off each day walking down the ramp near the Gravestone, then walks through the archway, up the stairs, and turns and heads towards Linda. He is dressed in a green shirt with a striped blue and white shirt underneath. Show him this pictograph and he will talk about asking Linda out on a date. Play the song of passing two times to skip to the next day.

Head over to Zunari's shop and walk up the stairs next to it to enter the Cafe.

Speak with Linda and she will give you Piece of Heart #21, mentioning that they are now seeing each other.

Another optional quest takes place on Windfall Island during the night time. Play the Song of Passing a number of times and each time, glance towards the sky.

You may need to use the Deluxe Picto Box in order to look directly above you, because of the camera angles. When it is a full moon outside, use the Deluxe Picto Box to snap a picture of the moon.

Play the Song of Passing to return to daytime. Walk passed the archway and you'll see a man sitting on the steps next to the auction house. Speak to him a few times and say that you completely understand him. He tasks you with getting a picture of a pale, perfectly round thing. Luckily, we just did that. Show him the picture of the full moon that you just captured. As a reward, he will give Link Treasure Chart #31.

Our next stop is over at Mrs. Marie's classroom, located at the top of Windfall Island, directly across of Salvatore's mini-game. Walk up to Mrs. Marie and show her a Joy Pendant. She loves jewelry and will reward Link with 1 rupee. Speak with her again and show her some more Joy Pendants. If Link has 20 Joy Pendants, Mrs. Marie will give Link the Cabana Deed, allowing Link to access to the Cabana at the Private Oasis. If Link shows her a total of 40 Joy Pendants, she will award him with Treasure Chart #45. (In the GameCube version, she awards Link with the Hero's Charm.)

We now need to get some additional rupees along the Great Sea, as well as a ton of other goodies. Return to the King of Red Lions and sale northeast one square region.

Here you will arrive at Crescent Moon Island. Just to the southwest of Crescent Moon Island, there is a Sunken Treasure that corresponds to Treasure Chart #11. Be sure to open it and then sale on over. Salvage the sunken treasure to get Piece of Heart #22.

Sail over to the actual island and make your way over to the treasure chest.

"Be sure to snatch the blue chu jelly from the two Blue ChuChus that appears. Open the treasure chest to acquire Treasure Chart #10.

Continuing sailing to the northeast, where you will find a Submarine. Inside you will find a miniblin on the ground level. Jump down and defeat the miniblin and a ton of other miniblins will attack you.

Defeat them and the various torches in the room will light up. Once all torches have lit up, climb the ladder and open the treasure chest to get Treasure Chest #9.

Our next destination is just to the east at Seven-Star Isles. At the southwest portion of this region, there is a group of seagulls.

Sail on over and this will trigger a battle with a 12-eyed Big Octo. Battle the Big Octo just as before and Link will be rewarded with Piece of Heart #23.

"While we are in the area, we can pickup a nearby Sunken Treasure here on Seven-Star Isles. (Note: this Sunken Treasure is only available in the Nintendo Wii U version).

For this next quest, you will need to have acquired 20 Golden Feathers. These were abundant in the Forbidden Woods as both Peahats and Mothulas always have these as spoils. If you don't quite have 20, you can return there at a later time, or you can snatch them from Kargaroks that are nearby. Sail on over and land back at Dragon Roost Island. Climb back up to where most of the Rito reside.

Climb to the second floor and speak with the Rito guard that is standing in front of the Chieftains room. He wants Golden Feathers so he can give them to his girlfriend.

Offer to give him 20 of them and the Rito will reward Link with an Orange Rupee. Furthermore, in the near future, Link will be getting a letter in the mail from the guards girlfriend that contains Piece of Heart #24.

Return to the King of Red Lions and sail to the east. Our next destination is over at the Flight Control Platform located right in the middle of the square region. Climb onto the platform and speak with the Rito that is in front of the ladder. Pay the 10 rupees to get on top of the platform.

Before you begin, play the Wind's Requiem and blow the wind to the northwest. You want to run and jump off the platform, using your Deku Leaf to soar across the sea. Use the cyclones that are in the water to shoot yourself higher up. If Link can successfully make it to the distant flag, he will be rewarded with with a Piece of Heart #25. Don't mind the first cyclone as it is too close. The second cyclone is the one that matters most. You want to leap off the ledge just when that cyclone starts to move from left to right. Just hold straight and don't stray from left to right. Hitting the one cyclone should give Link enough momentum to make it across the flag.

Next, travel just southeast of Dragon Roost Island to Star Belt Archipelago. Sail on over and to the east of the actual islands there is a platform for Link to climb.

Defeat the enemies and open the treasure chest here to get Treasure Chart #44.

Next, travel just south of Dragon Roost Island to Fire Mountain. While we cannot do anything at the actually island yet, there is a Big Octo location southeast of the Island.

Sail on over to the seagulls and you can battle against the 8-eyed Big Octo. After defeating the Big Octo, Link can salvage the treasure to get an Orange Rupee.ward is an Orange Rupee.

Our next point of interest is at Eastern Fairy Island, located one square region southwest of Dragon Roost Island. Sail on over to the island and use a bomb to blowup the boulder that blocks the cavern.

Drop down and speak with the Great Fairy. She will give Link the first bomb upgrade, which allows Link to hold up to 60 bombs.

"Our next stop is at Bomb Island, located three square regions south of Dragon Roost Island. However, there are a few Sunken Treasures in the area that we can collect along the way.

Once you arrive at Bomb Island, use a Bomb to blow up the large boulder, revealing an underground cavern. Drop down into the cavern and you'll find a locked door. If you step on the switch nearby it will open, but it will close as soon as you step off. Defeat the nearby Magtail and then place its body on the switch to hold it on. Walk on through to the next room.

To the right, flames block your pathway. Instead, run to the left and step on the switch here to lower the flames.

Run back to the right and make your way to the large center platform.

There are two more Magtails that will appear in this area, along with two platforms on the sides that are covered with fire. The second fired covered platform on the right side, along with the fire covered platform on the left have switches that can be pressed down.

Link will need to defeat the Magtails so they curl up in a ball. Then Link can throw the Magtails body onto the switches. Once both switches have been pressed, flames in the entire room will go out.

"Run on over to the treasure chest that is in the distance and open it up to get Piece of Heart #26. Exit the cave and return to the King of Red Lions.

Also at the Private Oasis, there is a Big Octo located to the northwest of the actual island. Sail on over to the seagulls and you can battle against the 8-eyed Big Octo. Link's reward is an Orange Rupee.

Our next place of interest is two square regions west of the Forest Haven. This area is known as Southern Fairy Island. Before reaching the island there are a trio of platforms raised out from the Great Sea. Each of them have turrets around them that will shoot cannonballs towards Link.

Use your bombs to blow up the turrets. In particular, if you blowup all the turrets on the southern platform and the northwestern platforms, two treasure chests will appear on the adjacent platform.

Climb up the southern platform and play the Wind's requiem to shift the wind to the north. Use the Deku Lead to soar on over. Open the treasure chests here to get a skull necklace and Treasure Chart #40!

Jump back on the King of Red Lions and sail over to the main island. There are wooden planks blocking the entrance to the fairy fountain. Blow them up with a bomb and drop down to the cavern below. The Great Fairy found here will give Link his second Bomb upgrade, which now allows Link to carry 99 Bombs.

"Our next destination is near Horseshoe Island. Along the way you'll pass by Headstone Island and there is a Sunken Treasure for you to uncover, containing 200 rupees.

Just south of Horseshoe Island there are a pair of platforms. Use your bombs to eliminate the turrets and then climb either of the platforms. Defeat all the enemies and step on the floor switch to cause a treasure chest to appear on the opposite platform. Head on over and defeat the enemies on the other platform and step on another floor switch, causing a treasure chest to appear on the opposite platform.

The two treasure chests contain Treasure Chart #43 and a Golden Feather. Treasure Chart #43 corresponds to a sunken treasure located just to the east, over at Outset Island. This is one of many sunken treasure that we can collect as we head towards the northwest corner of the Great Sea. Most notably at the far western portion of the Great Sea at Three-Eye Reef, Link can salvage the sunken treasure from Treasure Chart #32, which contains Piece of Heart #28. This is one of the treasure charts won at the auction, so you may have yet to get this from Windfall Island. Also at Three-Eye Reef, there are five shiny locations just southeast of the island where Link can salvage five treasures, each containing a Purple Rupee.

Also at Diamond Steppe Island, there is a Big Octo located to the northwest of the actual island. Sail on over to the seagulls and you can battle against the 8-eyed Big Octo. Link's reward is an Orange Rupee.

"-Treasure Chart #09 - Horseshoe Island (West of Outset Island) - 200 Rupees

"Also along the way just to the east of Western Fairy Island, located two square regions south of the Forsaken Fortress, Link will find another platform. This one has a bunch of Bokoblins on it and contains a treasure chest that holds a Skull Necklace.

Treasure Chart #25 is located at the Forsaken Fortress, but the King of Red Lions won't let you sail to that area quite yet. Our next destination is just east of the Forsaken Fortress, located at Star Island.

On your way, you'll see a platform within the Star Island region. There are some bokoblin on top and a treasure chest that contains a Golden Feather.

Once you arraive at Star Island, use a bomb to blowup the large boulder at the southwest part of the island. Inside you will face off with three Magtails. Defeat them and then a pair of Bokoblins will appear.

After these guys are done away, a pair of Green Bokoblin will appear. Finally, a pair of Moblin will appear. Once you've completed the enemy gauntlet, a treasure chest will appear containing Piece of Heart #29.

"There are even more Sunken Treasure Charts to collect in this area, so be sure to pick them up along your way. Now that we have quite a few rupees on hand, there are a few lingering things for us to do on Windfall Island, so sail on over.

"Back on Windfall Island there is one quest we want to do. However, if you haven't won all the items from the Auction House, we now have plenty of rupees to do so, so go on over and get those items. Play the Song of Passing to make it day time and make your way over to Zunari's Shop.

After getting the first Town Flower, Zunari will now sell items at his actual booth right next to where you are talking to him. Walk up and purchase two more Town Flowers. You will need to get a total of 14 of these flowers for this quest, but you can only hold three at a time.

Right in front of Zunari's Shop, there is a small pot holder. Select the Town Flower and place it in this location. You will need to keep buying Town Flowers and planting them throughout Windfall. Here are the 14 locations.

" -In front of Zunari's Shop x2

Once you have planted all 14 of the Town Flowers listed above, walk over and speak to the man sitting on the bench near Zunari's Stall. After talking to him a second time, he will thank you for decorating the island and he will present you with Piece of Heart #30.

ump back onto the King of Red Lions and sail west two square regions and down one to reach Rock Spire Isle. Once you arrive at Rock Spire, climb onto the piece of land that slopes upward.

There are a series of boulders that block your way. You'll have to pull out a Bomb and time your throw so that it explodes right when it is near the boulder. After blowing up all three boulders, fall down into the cavern at the other end of the island.

Break the pot on the right side and pickup one of the Boko Sticks. Use the torch to light it on fire and then light up the two unlit torches in the room. This will trigger a bunch of Keese to come attacking you. Defeat all the nearby Keese, as well as all of the ones that are still hanging from the ceiling. Once all the keese are defeated open the treasure chest that appears to acquire Treasure Chart #37.

Back outside, sail around the island until you find Beedle's Shop Ship. This particular shop ship is different and it is immediately indicated by the Helmet that Beedle wears. Inside there are three items for sale, an Empty Bottle for 500 Rupees, a Piece of Heart for 950 Rupees, and a Treasure Chart for 900 Rupees.

"Since we just sailed around got a ton of Sunken Treasure, you should have enough rupees to get all three items. If not, you should at least pickup Piece of Heart #31 and Treasure Chart #4.

"Now that we just acquired two additional Treasure Charts, we can get their corresponding Sunken Treasure. The chart acquired from Beedle's Shop Ship does lead to Piece of Heart #33.