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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 8.2 Greatfish Isle

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After completing the Forest Haven, the next major destination is over at Greatfish Isle, near the western portion of the Great Sea. From the Forest Haven, Greatfish Isle is located squares to the west, and two squares north. (If you've been following the side quests from section 8.1, Greatfish Isle is located one screen north and one screen east of Needle Rock Isle)

Once you draw near, you'll see a huge cloud hanging over Greatfish Isle. Jabun is nowhere to be found, but Link and the King of Red Lions will get a surprise visit from Quill. After some chitchat, Quill will guide Link as to where his next destinations are: Windfall Island, followed by Outset Island.

Before leaving Greatfish, there is a Piece of Heart that we can collect. Jump into the water and swim over to the tall spirally piece of land located just to the southeast. Climb to the top of the island and then use the Wind's Requiem to blow the wind to the northwest.

Use the Deku Leaf and fly towards the two major pieces of land to the northwest in which Link can land on. Just to the right of the two pieces of land, there is a small cove that Link can land on. Within this cove, there is a treasure chest that contains Piece of Heart #14.

Before making our way back to Windfall Island, there is one last pit stop to make. Jump onto the King of Red Lions and sail east for two square regions. You'll reach the Six-Eye Reef square. To the southwest, Link will find another Submarine. Head inside and Link will do battle with three Moblins, one at a time.

After all three have been defeated, climb the ladder that appears and open the treasure chest to get Piece of Heart #15.

It's now time to set sail for Windfall Island, which is located two screens to the north. Be sure to stay clear of the massive cyclone that is located just south of Windfall Island as that will throw you way off course.

Swim onward to Windfall and you'll find Tetra's Pirate Ship.