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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 8.3 Windfall Island

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On Windfall Island, there are a few optional things that we can accomplish at this point. Right away you should notice that the mailbox is jumping around.

Walk on over and you'll get a letter from Orca on Outset Island, which contains a red rupee attached.

Just passed the archway near the mailbox, Link can enter the first house on the right to find the Chu Jelly Juice Shop. The potion shop owner is Doc Bandam and he'll sell you some Red Potion for 20 rupees. Alternatively, Link can trade in 5 Red Chu Jelly and get a potion for free. Link can also trade in 15 Green Chu Jelly, and later 15 Blue Chu Jelly here, which will then make those potions available for 10 and 60 rupees, respectively.

Now that we have the Wind Waker and the Wind's Requiem, there is another Treasure Chart for us to get here on the island. Walk up to near Salvatore's Ship Shop. Instead of walking inside, walk around the shop, just to the left, and it will lead to a ladder. Climb the ladder and pull out the Wind Waker. Blow the wind to the north and then step on the switch, which will cause the large Windmill to start spinning.

Jump back down and head inside of Salvatore's mini-game building. Climb the steps on the left on the inside of the building and they'll eventually lead to a door.

Back outside, follow the pathway until you reach the windmill. Jump onto the Windmill and ride it until it is at its peak. Stay on it as it is coming back down and straight ahead you will see a isolated door on a higher ledge. Carefully jump on over to this door and head inside.

Inside Link will find two treasure chests. One of them contains a purple rupee, while the other contains Treasure Chart #29. Afterwards, crawl through the small hole to drop down into Lenzo's shop.

Lenzo is talking to a women here and if you get too close, they'll notice you. Keep your distance and use your Pictobox to snap a picture of the two. This will be useful for a side quest in the future.

(Primarily GameCube Version). Leave Lenzo's shop and then re-enter it. Link can walk up to Lenzo and show him the Forest Firefly that he caught at the Forest Haven. Lenzo will use this Firefly to upgrade Link's Picto Box to the Deluxe Picto Box, which gives him the ability to take pictures in color. This is a requirement to complete the Nintendo Gallery. (In the Nintendo Wii U remake, this step is not necessary, as Link will automatically acquire the Deluxe Picto Box. Link can still give Lenzo the Firefly and it results in some humorous text, but Link also acquires a Joy Butterfly).

Our next destination is the only required thing we needed to do at Windfall Island. Make your way over to the Bomb Shop, located at the southwest portion of the island. It is the lone building on the higher land region. The front door is locked, so you'll have to sneak around the back, to the left. Sidle against the wall to make your behind the shop. Once you are behind climb the vines on the wall and then crawl through the small passageway.

Inside, a cut-scene will take place showcasing the Pirates tying up the bomb shop owner and stealing some of his bombs. Pay careful attention to the conversation as towards the end, the group of Pirates will reveal their secret password.

Note, the password is constantly changing and will differ from game to game. There are only a set amount of passwords, including 'Treasure' and 'Schooner'.

After the Pirates leave, exit the Bomb Shop. Make your way to the north end of the island, near the lone gravestone where the large Pirate Ship can be seen.

Jump onto the pirate ship and try to enter the door. You will need to enter the password that was just given to you in the Bomb Shop. After properly doing so, go ahead and enter the ship.

Run downstairs and you'll find Niko here once again. You'll have to play another one of his games but there are a few differences this time. Link will need to swing from rope to rope, without landing on a platform. Furthermore, some of the ropes will move after a period of time.

Lastly, there is a time limit that Link has to completing this quest. That all being said, it isn't too difficult. Just swing from rope to the rope, starting on the right side, then to the left side, and back to the right, before making it across. Open the treasure chest on the other end of the room to get some Bombs!

After acquiring the bombs, Link will be contacted by Tetra via the Pirate's Charm. Afterwards, exit the Pirate Ship and then jump back over to Windfall Island. You can run on over to the Mailbox and get another letter from Beedle. He mentions that he now has Bombs abailable for purchase and he also attaches Beedle's Chart! This chart allows Link to see the location of all his ship locations.

Run back over to the King of Red Lions. Our next destination is all the way back at Outset Island. Unfortunately, there is no quicker way to get there at this point, so take the long journey. If you'd like, you can give some All-Purpose Bait to the Fishman along the way to have your Great Sea Chart mapped out.