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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 8.4 Outset Island

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After making the long journey to Outset Island, the King of Red Lions suggests that you stop at the island and check up with your Grandma. There are actually a few goodies for us to get on the island as well. Before heading to Grandma's House, there is a goody for us to collect at the Forest of Fairies.

Make your way up to the Forest of Fairies, just as you did at the very early portion of the game. Since the bridge had broken earlier in the quest, Link will need to use his Deku Lead to float over to the other side. First play the Wind's Requiem and change the wind so that it is blowing to the west. Then climb up one of the nearby rocks and soar across the large gap using the Deku Leaf. Continue onward to enter the Forest of Fairies.

Inside the Forest of Fairies, some new enemies can now be found, including a Moblin and a Mothula. Defeat or ignore the enemies and make your way to the opposite side of the Forest where Link will find a large boulder next to a sign. Drop a bomb right next to the boulder to blow it up and then head down the hole.

Walk up to the Fairy Fountain and Link will meet up with the Great Fairy. After chatting with the Fairy, the fairy will reward Link with a wallet upgrade, now allowing Link to carry up to 500 rupees! After the Great Fairy disappear, be sure to use a bottle to snatch a fairy from the fairy pond as we'll need that momentarily. Exit the fairy fountain and then continue out of the Forest of Fairies.

Our next destination is back at Grandma's house, so head on over. On the way you will have gotten a letter in the Postbox from Beedle, signifying the opening of the special shop ship located at Rock Spire Island. This ship has rare items that we can now afford since we have just gotten the rupee upgrade.

Make your way over to Grandma's House and head inside. Here you will find Grandma sick and sitting next to the fireplace. Walk up to her and give her the fairy that you have stored in your bottle. This will heal her and she will reward link with some Elixir Soup. This soup works just like Blue Potion, restoring your life and magic, but it also doubles your attack power momentarily. The bottle has two full uses in it as well.

Our next stop is right next door at Orca's house. You can speak with Orca and take part in his training game. Link will need to hit Orca at least 100 times without taking 3 hits. Doing so will grant Link with a Purple Rupee, worth 50 rupees.

"If Link hits Orca over 300 times, he will get an Orange Rupee, worth 100 rupees. The main prize though is if Link hits Orca over 500 times, which will result in Link acquiring Piece of Heart #16! Even after acquiring this item, Link can hit Orca an astounding 999 times to earn a Silver Rupee.

Orca's sword training game is one of the most tedious heart pieces to get in the whole Zelda series. It's not really worth getting the other prizes, so just stick with trying to get 500 hits and then stop. The trick here is don't be too aggressive. Be patient and be sure to parry whenever Orca is about to attack. Link shouldn't try to corner Orca, as this may lead to Link trying to Parry an attack and running into a wall on accident.

"That is all the optional material we can do on the island, so head back to the King of Red Lions. Use the sail to make your way to the southwest part of the island where you will find a massive whirlwind. Use your cannon to shoot the rock against the wall. The trick to blowing up this rock is to start at the top of it and work your way down. Piece by piece it will begin to crumble and eventually, Link will be able to enter the cave that forms. You'll have to do this within the given time limit as your boat will steadily get sucked into the water.