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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 10.4 Withered Deku Trees

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"Now that we have the Ballad of Gales, we can now complete the Withered Deku Tree quest. This could have been completed earlier in the game after acquiring the Swift Sail, but it is much more convenient using the Ballad of Gales.

"Link will need to travel through 8 islands along the Great Sea to find the 8 Withered Deku Trees. Once he finds them, he must first speak with the Korok and then he can water the withered tree with some Forest Water. Despite watering the trees, the bottle won't actually empty and you can use the same bottle for all 8 trees.

"Sail east of the Forest Haven to the Cliff Plateau Isles. Climb the small island and jump over from island to island until you find an entrance to an underground cavern. Once inside, climb on the platforms to reach the other side of the room that has a bunch of Boko Babas and Vines. Make your way around the room, defeating all the Boko Babas, with the last one leaving behind a Boko Bulb. Pickup one of the sticks left by the Boko Babas and light it on fire using the torch. Jump into the Boko Bulb and launch yourself up. In the distance there is a passage that is blocked by wood. Toss the flaming stick to burn the wood. Float over with the Deku Leaf to get outside. The Korok and withered tree are on this higher island.

"Warp over to the Tower of the Gods and sail southward one screen to the Private Oasis to reach the next tree.