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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 10.2 More Great Sea Goodies

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"Now that we have the Bow and Arrow, there are a few goodies for us to collect in the Overworld. Most of this chapter will consist of optional material. To continue onward in the Main Quest, jump over to section 11.4.

Northwest of the Tower of the Gods is Northern Triangle Island. Within this square region, Link will find a massive whirlwind. Sail on over and Link's boat will begin to get sucked in. Link will also meet Cyclos, the brother of Zephos. Aim carefully and shoot Cyclos with an Arrow. Link will need to shoot Cyclos three times in order to stop the whirlwind.

After hitting Cyclos three times, he'll come and speak with Link, teaching him the Ballad of Gales. This song allows Link to quickly travel to nine set locations along the Great Sea.

It makes travel from one island to another significantly easier.

ur next destination is over at the Seven-Star Isles, located just north of Dragon Roost Island. However, there is another Sunken Treasure we can get along the way.

"This one is important as it contains Piece of Heart #34

Just south of Seven-Star Isles there are a series of platforms. Climb up the middle and Link will encounter a bunch of Wizzrobes. Use your bow to shoot and defeat these enemies. As you defeat them, three different Treasure Chests will appear. The first contains a Red Rupee, the second contains a Golden Feather, and the third one contains Treasure Chart #16.

"Our next step is right nearby, just east of Dragon Roost Island over at the Flight Control Platform. Near the actual Platform Link can find another submarine. Inside of the submarine, Link will find a number of Wizzrobes and Miniblins. The Miniblins will keep on coming, so avoid them whenever possible and use your arrows to defeat the Wizzrobes. Open the treasure chest to get the Platform Chart!