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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough 10.6 Hyrule Castle Revisted

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The King of Red Lions will then take you and Tetra back down to Hyrule. Tetra will soon awaken, and a voice will then speak to Link and Tetra through the Gossip Stone. The voice will tell Link to show Tetra the way to the room where the Master Sword was hidden.

After the speech is over, hop off the boat and head into the castle and back down into the basement.

A cutscene will then take place with a man who refers to himself as the King of Hyrule, as well as the King of Red Lions. The King will merge golden triangle on Tetra's neck with his own piece, creating the Triforce of Wisdom and transforming Tetra into Princess Zelda. Tetra will then realize who she is and her place in the story.

Unfortunately, Ganon now knows who Tetra is as well and will be actively searching for her. Before we can defeat Ganon we must continue on our own quest, so we must leave Zelda here to stay hidden. The King will then disappear, telling you to meet him back outside. Walk back up the stairs and the statue of the Hero will close the entrance to the basement. Continue outside and hop into the King of Red Lions. Cruise over into the portal and it will take you back to the Great Sea.