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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough South Bronx: Lawrence's Apartment

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Snow will state her dislike of staying in the area, if you choose to tell her "Let's focus on what we saw in the mirror." A note will appear stating that Snow trusts you a bit more. If you say "It's not that simple" the message "Snow is willing to trust you" will appear. "We need to question Lawrence." Will cause Snow to disagree with you and staying silent will make Snow decide the next course of action for you. Either ways you'll need to find a way to get inside the apartment.

First head for the door on the left side of the building and knock on it. You won't get an answer and eventually you'll have to look for an alternate way to get in.

Head for the left side and examine the window, you can try calling out to Lawrence but he won't answer which means you need to open it to get inside.

Inside the apartment you'll find Lawrence sitting on his chair with a bullet wound on the chest. Snow immediately states that he's dead.

There are numerous things to examine. Leave Lawrence for later. First examine the bullet hole from behind the chair and take it out of the hole.

Then examine the picture on the wall to see the happier days in Faith's life.

Head for the blood stains on Bigby's left hand side. After which you'll be given the option to pull down the bed inside the cabinet.

Pull it down and you'll find that the weird shape of the blood was because the bed was pulled down when the blood got there. You'll also find Lawrence's suicide note on top of the bed.

Now examine the knife on the floor for the last bit you need in this house.

Aaaaaand he's alive, which is great. You'll be able to question Lawrence a little after the small cutscene.

And after a few dialogues Lawrence will start to open up about him and Faith at which point Bigby will either have to tell him about Faith or lie about it. Telling Lawrence about Faith's death will result in the message "You told him Faith is dead." While telling him a lie will give you the message "You lied." If you tell him the truth he'll mention a name, someone called Georgie. Another choice will be given as to what you want to say to Lawrence, but regardless someone will come knocking on the door before Bigby can even finish his sentence.

Bigby and Snow will hide inside the closet and the man will break in, if you examine him Bigby will comment that he doesn't know this man. Snow will also comment that he doesn't seem to be interested in Lawrence. You can either jump him now or wait a little longer.

After a while Snow will comment that Lawrence has a gun and will try to shoot himself. At this point you can either jump out at Lawrence and prevent him from shooting himslef or wait longer and have Lawrence kill himself. Either ways you'll have to run after the intruder.