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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough The Trip Trap

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On the way to the Trip Trap Bigby will have a small chat with Snow on the way to the Trip Trap. If you choose to keep silent a message will appear stating that your silence has left her unsure.

Snow will also open up about her problems and her guilt. You can choose whichever answer you feel like choosing. Personally I chose Crane. Cause the asshole is annoying. Snow may also appreciate your answer.

As soon as you get inside the Trip Trap the bartender, Holly, will immediately give you a cold treatment. She'll ask what you want to which you can either tell the truth which is "Woodsman." Lie and tell her that you were in the neighborhood or choose "Sheriff business." if you answer the last one then a notice will come out saying that she'll remember that.

They are obviously not going to help you, except help you out the door. So do some investigating.

Examine the photo of the Woodsman that's pinned on top of the blackboard and Holly will attempt to lie to you, which of course fails since the photo is hanging there.

There are a few more things that you can investigate like the cigarette machine, but you won't be able to buy any, since Holly refuses to give you change.

Sit on the chair next to the guy and he'll be pissed off. You can choose whichever you want to answer him. Either ways the scene will play the same.

Woody will come out of the toilet soon after the conversation with the Holly and guy at the bar. You can choose any of the dialogues as it won't matter.

Bigby will move to the chair next to Woody. They'll start chatting and you'll have to sit through Woody telling you stories.

After the story you'll have a choice on what to do. If you choose "Did you kill Faith?" then the Woodsman will go crazy and beg you to help him, claiming he didn't do it. On the other hand "[Glass Him]" will resort to Bigby hitting the Woodsman with a glass on the head resulting in a message "You chose violence"

The guy sitting on the bar will start getting aggressive, he'll eventually piss Bigby off and no matter which statement you choose you will end up fighting this guy.

As soon as the fight begins you'll have to grab a tankard from the table. Holly will get in your way and you'll get beaten up by the guy.

He'll slam you on the ceiling multiple times at which you need to place your cursor on the ceiling fan to counter him.

He'll then throw you to the other side of the room and attempt to slam you with the pool table. Press the buttons to avoid it.

Once again he'll throw you near the door and you'll have to avoid everything he throws at you until he walks near you.

Place your cursor on the coat hanger and stab the guy's head with it. It won't matter much to him and he'll continue beating the shit out of Bigby until Bigby.

Once Bigby turns into his semi-fable form you can fight back. Press the buttons that appear on the screen to avoid him.

Then place the cursor on his shoulder and Bigby will drive his claws inside it, injuring the guy.

Woody will call your attention and ask you to stop. You can either tear his arm off and earn the fear of everyone in the room, or walk away and earn their respect.

Bigbt will then ask for whiskey. If you didn't give Faith your money you can pay for it. Choosing to pay for the drink if you gave Faith your money will result in Bigby apologizing.

Just then Twiddle Dee will come into the room announcing that he'll pay who ever has information Faith. He'll notice Bigby and attempt to run. Woody will do the same.

Here comes the final big decision that you'll make in episode 1. You can either take in Woody the Woodsman or Tweedle Dee. The choice will affect who you have to interrogate in Episode 2. I personally chose Tweedle Dee cause I kind of felt sorry for Woody. Also he seemed pretty innocent to me. But choosing which one is up to you.

Woody will escape leaving you to drag Tweedle Dee back to the Woodlands Apartment. There will be a lot of sirens going around. Bigby will go to check on what's happening.

As Bigby approaches the scene you'll see a lot of police officers, you already know something happened. Get ready for the biggest shock of episode 1.

You'll be given a short preview of the next episode at the end and also a statistic of how many people chose the same choices you made throughout the game. Have fun! :)