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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough The Woodland Luxury Apartments

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You can examine the plaque at the right side of the gate and Bigby will comment a bit. Then interact with the gate to get it open.

Head for the entrance once you get inside and Bigby will turn around after hearing some footsteps.

You can choose any of the choices and Beauty will come out and start talking to Bigby.

She'll leave in a hurry, but turn back and ask Bigby to promise her that he won't tell Beast that he saw her leaving. If you promise her then she'll be happy and appreciate your kindness, but be warned that there are consequences on this. She'll promise to tell you about it later.

Inside the apartment lobby you'll see a piece of paper on the ground, examine it, then examine the list of tenants above it and place the name back on the list.

Now press the elevator call button and Bigby will go inside.

As I said before, consequences. Beast will come down the stairs and hold the elevator door on Bigby. He'll then ask Bigby if he saw Beauty. You can either answer truthfully and say that you did, Lie to him and say you haven't seen her or Say that you're staying out of this. Of course choosing the first would mean that you're on Beauty's bad side. Lying to Beast will have consequences later and staying out of it would also be a negative response. If you choose "..." then the elevator door will shut on Beast and a message will appear saying that he'll remember that.

Inside Bigby's apartment head for the living room and you'll find a pig sleeping on the couch. Wake it up and it will start talking to you.

You can choose any answer depending on how you want to play the game. The answers are pretty obvious as what image each one will create. Either ways Colin will get off of the chair.

After some dialougues and a little more about Bigby's past, Colin will ask Bigby not to send him back to the farm. Colin will react negatively if you choose "Don't be dramatic." or "Tell you what I told Toad..." and positively if you answer "I won't." and a note will appear saying that Colin will remember that.

You can either keep quiet and take a sip or choose to say that you're tired. Then on the next question answering "Everyone hates me?" Will cause Colin to start talking more about how people see Bigby.

He'll also ask you about the bruises on your hand. He'll keep talking if you pick any of the three except "..." If you choose that one he'll reply saying that he could also give you the silent treatment, followed by a note that says "Colin will remember that."

He'll ask you about who you were nice to today. You can answer any of them and Colin will continue talking.

And finally Colin will beg you one last time for a drink. He'll be happy if you give it to him. On the other hand he'll think you're a major asshole if you choose to drink it. After which Bigby will finally be able to sleep.

Someone will knock at the door and Bigby will wake up because of it. Head for the door and open it.

Snow White will be at your doorstep in a panic and demand that you come with her. Bigby will follow her down towards the 1st floor lobby and outside the main doors.

Snow will take you outside and show you a security jacket lying on the ground. Grab the jacket to reveal what's underneath it.

Snow will ask you who the girl was, you can answer any of the choices and Bigby will continue telling Snow about how he met the girl.

After the conversation with Snow you'll be allowed to examine the head. First examine her head (the circle on the farthest right). Then examine her neck and finally her mouth.

A new option will appear once you examine her mouth and you'll be able to take the thing that's sticking out from it. Bigby will find a ring at the end of the ribbon.

Snow will give you a choice on what you want to do. You can leave now or investigate more. I suggest that you investigate more, but it's up to you.

If you chose to investigate more then head on over to the path on the right side. Examine the blood on the floor, then touch it and Bigby will give you some information on the blood.

After examining the blood head further right and pick up the scrap of fabric from the ground.

Finally head for the fence and examine the blood on the spikes. Head back to Snow after examining all of these things.

Compare the fabric that you found on the ground to Snow White, she won't be happy about it but it won't affect the game. She initiate a conversation soon after that.

She'll ask you what you think happened. If you say "This is a message" then she'll ask you for a suspect. As I didn't want to point fingers so early in the game I chose "Someone brought her here..." and as usual the silent treatment will cause a bad reaction.

If you answer "Someone brought her here..." She'll ask why you came up with that idea. Answer the "Blood trail" or "Blood on the fence" and she'll agree with your theory. Trust me and .... will bring a negative impact.

She'll inform you that she has to tell someone called Crane about this. Bigby doesn't seem very pleased. If you answer "Do what you need to." Snow will appreciate your support. Anything else would either cause her not to tell Crane or bring a negative reaction. Either ways the way Crane will react will stay the same whether he's told immediately or not.