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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough The Business Office

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It's morning now and Bigby is on his way to the business office. This man will suddenly get mad at Bigby for no apparent reason. Choosing the option "I work here" will bring the least consequence. Any other choice and the "He will remember it" will appear.

Inside the office Bigby will walk in on Crane and Snow discussing the murder. Crane is of course unhappy with the events regardless of whether you told Snow to tell him early or you stopped her from telling him.

There's going to be a small dialogue in which you're finally able to butt in. If you choose to say "It's my fault." A message will appear saying that you took the blame and Crane will mouth off on you. If you choose "Back off!" A message will appear saying that you've taken Snow's side and Crane will off on you. Choosing "No one to blame." Will cause Crane to mouth off on you and finally refusing to step in will cause Crane to continue talking. No matter what you choose he'd still be mad and mouth off on you either ways. And I thought Toad was bad enough.

Once Crane calms down he'll ask you if you have any leads at all on the case. Answering Bluebeard will cause Crane to get a bit mad and Bigby will try to explain that it's his M.O. If you answer the Woodsman, Crane will ask you to bring him in if you have to. Either ways who ever you name will become a main suspect for the case.

As Crane leaves Bigby will be able to make choice whether he wants to talk back to Crane or not. Snow will stop you from doing it no matter which choice you make.

After that Bufkin will come out, he'll ask Bigby how he is, any of the choices will result in a "he will remember that" statement. Although answering "fine." seems to be the most positive way to do it.

Snow will make Bufkin gather some books, she'll also as you to talk to the magic mirror while she calls to set Crane's massage appointment.

The mirror will give you choices as to which fable you want to see. Choosing the Woodsman will show you Woody entering some sort of building. Choosing Snow will show you Snow White, in other words stalker mode activated. Choosing Bufkin will show you that Bufkin is slacking off and finally "I don't know her name..." will cause the mirror to tell you that until you do have her name it can't show you.

Leave the mirror and head for the desk in front of Crane's. Examine the tarot cards and you'll be able to acquire the last one.

Now head for the table that Snow is reading on and examine the Book of Fables. Snow will tell you that any information on fables is probably in this book.

You can examine all of the people in the book and Bigby will tell you about them, but the one you need to examine is old king in blue robes standing near a person wearing a donkey coat. Bigby will notice that the symbol on the clothes is the same as the one on the ring. Snow will then point you to another book that contains family emblems and symbols.

Examine the Book of Symbols that's near the Book of Fables and Bigby will go over and read it.

Turn to the next page and you'll see the same ring as the one you found in the dead girl's mouth. Bigby will say that he can't read it and Bufkin will say that he can read it for him.

Bufkin will start reading about the girl and you'll find out her name, which is Faith. You'll also find out about her husband.

Bigby will say that they need to inform the husband, Snow will then ask if he thinks of Lawrence as a suspect. You can choose any of the choices, whichever suits you.

Now that we have additional information about Faith, go back to the Magic Mirror and start asking it questions again. You can also ask it about the tarot card that you grabbed from the table.

Ask about all three new choices. First Faith's father, the mirror will show you that he's long dead. Second, Lawrence, the mirror will show you where he is. Finally Faith. The mirror will give you an interesting speech about her.

Exit the mirror and as you head out the phone will ring. Snow will answer it and hand it to you, you'll found out that it's Toad and something is happening at Toad's apartment.

Head out the door to leave the Business Office.

Here is one of the biggest or IS the biggest choice you'll make in the first episode of The Wolf Among Us. I usually don't like to put spoilers in my guide but it seems inevitable here. First, if you choose to go to Toad's place, he'll be less mad at you and you'll also get a chance to inspect the Woodsman's apartment closer. BUT! If you choose to go to Toad's place first Lawrence will die. If you go to Lawrence's place first then you will be able to save him, Toad will be mad at you and you won't get to check out the Woody's apartment but you'll be able to save Lawrence.