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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough The Chase

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Immediately place your cursor at the door as soon as you're able to and smash the door open.

Inside you'll follow the intruder up the stairs, he'll throw everything he can grab at you so make sure that you press the correct buttons and avoid it.

Once you get to the long hallway a sofa will block your way, quickly mash the Q button to get it out of the way and continue chasing the intruder.

In this area you'll be given a choice. On the right side the door seems to be the obvious choice since the door is hanging open, however, the door on the left side has the number 3 hanging upside down and swinging left and right, which may suggest someone slammed the door pretty hard. Choose the door on the left as that is the correct answer. If you happen to choose the door on the right, examine the window to get back on the intruder's trail.

Place your cursor on the red cirlce on the screen to get Bigby to jump the gap.

Finally avoid the door and place your cursor on the circle and Bigby will jump out the window and land on the intruder.

After which he'll inform you that he isn't an enemy, any answer will result in the same flow of the conversation.

After a few dialogues with this guy you'll find out that he's Dee which conviniently has a twin named Dum, who will also knock you out with a punch to the head.

Snow White will arrive and wake you up. You can ask Snow whichever you like, in which she'll add more salt to wound by telling you how badly you got beaten up. Thanks Snow.