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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough South Bronx: Woodsman's Apartment

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As soon as you get there Bigby will immediately state that there doen't seem to be anyone there. If you had chosen to come to Toad first before Lawrence, there will be someone there, but you won't be able to catch him anyways.

Bigby and Snow will head inside the apartment complex and you'll hear Toad talking to his son. Snow will be worried and will ask you to be nice.

Call out to Toad or open the door and Toad will make his son go into the bedroom and will try to apologize for causing a false alarm. Which of course Bigby doesn't buy.

You can choose any of the choices that will appear on the screen and Snow will go inside the bedroom to talk to Toad's son while Bigby investigates the place.

Snow White has some serious negotiation skills. Anyways first off examine the lock on the door, as you've seen when you entered the apartment it's broken. A note will appear saying that you've discovered something.

Now examine the broken lamp on the floor, Toad will say that it fell on its own but Bigby will notice that there's no space on the socket to plug the lamp in.

Go to the living room and examine the end table beside the couch. Bigby will comment about something being moved due to the clean space in the dust. Toad will say that it's one of his son's toys.

A new choice will come up. If you want to catch Toad in a lie then choose "The broken lamp was here." Toad will get mad and ask why the broken lamp had to be there in which case you can answer "The mark in the dust." Bigby will point out that the lamp has always been there due to the clean space in the dust. You'll catch Toad in a lie and he'll try to make an excuse. Choosing the plug outlet could also lead to catching Toad's lie but he will be more resilient with this choice.

Now head for the fireplace and examine the fireplace poker. Bigby will inquire about the blood on the poker and Toad will say that he sliced his foot with it.

On the wall you'll notice more blood, examine it and Toad will say that he cut his hand this time.

A choice will come up again of which if you want to catch Toad in a lie again choose "I thought you cut your foot." Toad will make up another excuse to get Bigby off of his back.

Bigby will pick up the poker soon after and notice that the blood marks appear to be from someone being attacked, another choice will pop-up to which both "You're hiding something." and "I think someone was attacked." are sufficient answers.

Finally head for the far left end of the room and open the window. You'll find some hand marks on the window. Toad will make a lie about being drunk the night before and forgetting the keys to the place, so he had to climb in through the window.

Since we've already examined the broken lock on the entrance door another choice will come up this time you need to pick "You wouldn't need keys." to catch Toad in a lie. He'll be furious at the statement.

A few more dialogues will play and you'll be able to choose whether to threaten toad ie. be a badass or call out his lies ie. be a good badass. After which you'll be interupted by Snow and Toad's son coming out the bedroom door.

Toad will hug his son and you'll find blood on the back of his neck. Bigby will demand that he take his hat off until finally you'll be able to get the truth out of Toad. Toad will also be furious about you coming in late (considering you went to Lawrence first).

Toad will give back the coat that belongs to Faith and you'll find a piece of paper attached to it. Examine the paper to find a letter addressed to Lawrence from Faith. You can either read it yourself or refuse to read it. If you choose to read it it won't say anything important, although it may be important in the next episodes. Toad will also tell you where the Woodsman is.

Bigby and Snow will leave the apartment, and discuss what to do next. Now you're gonna head for the Trip Trap.