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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 - Faith Walkthrough Episode 1: Faith

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As soon as you start the game you'll be informed that with every decidion you make comes a set of events that will mold the game in a different way. Meaning depending on your choices, he game's story will change. It can be anything from a minor to a major

When the game officially starts our main character, Bigby, will arrive at the Tenement Building where a report of a public disturbance was called to his attention.

Inside the building Biby will start talking to Toad. The red bar at the bottom of the screen is a timer, once it reaches the end it will automatically choose an answer for you.

Whatever you pick on the first timed question won't matter but the second one can leave an impression on Toad. Choosing "I don't make the rules," "Not my problem." or "Get it fixed" will cause the notice "Mr. Toad will remember that" to appear. If you choose to stay silent (...) then the notice "Mr. Toad noticed your silence" will appear. It really all just depends on whether you want to play the uptight officer, the good guy or the bad guy.

After answering the question another one will appear. It doesn't matter which one you pick, either ways Bigby will head upstairs.

Once you head up Toad will start to be an asshole. Let's just say the player will remember that.

On the 2nd floor there are 3 things you can examine. First pick up the matchbook, you will need it later. I fixed the payphone on the left side of the hallway too, just cause I felt bad leaving it although it probably doesn't even matter.

Lastly the door. You have 2 choices here either kick the door down or gently open it. Choosing to kick it will make Bigby break down the door. Either ways you'll get inside.

You'll walk in on this large man beating a girl up. Bigby will immediately cut in and slam the guy on the wall.

You'll have to answer another timed reaction. No matter which one you pick Woody will headbutt Bigby.

After being forced off of Woody another timed reaction will appear. Choosing "This is your last warning," "You're drunk" or "[threaten him]" will cause "He's going to remember that." to appear.

Either ways a quick timed event will start. It's pretty easy to get used to, just press the buttons that appear on the screen to avoid Woody's blows.

If a red circle appears, place your cursor on top of it and press the left mouse button.

After successfully subduing Woody, you'll be given a choice on how you want to beat him up. He'll grab a weapon no matter where you throw him.

Once again you'll need to start avoiding his blows, then subdue him once the red circle appears.

The second choice will allow you to either throw him on the bookshelf or on the bed. You can choose either one, it doesn't matter.

After a while Woody will grab his axe. Avoid the first blow and a "Q" will appear on the screen. This means that you'll have to mash the Q key on the keyboard. Once the green line makes a full square buttons will start appearing again.

After taking his axe, hit him with it to finally get him to calm down.

Woody will complain, you can choose any of the choices to reply to him. It'll matter in your overall personality but not the story.

Afterwards Bigby will turn and start asking the woman some questions, she'll avoid all of your question leading you to have a very awkward conversation.

Then Woody will be back on his feet telling you who he is and also who Bigby is. No matter which one you choose Bigby will grab him and throw him out the window, which he himself will also fall from.

Bigby will land on Toad's car... priceless. Choose whichever answer you like. Either ways Mr. Toad will complain about you causing additional problems instead of fixing them.

After that Woody will grab Bigby by the leg and start strangling him. Start pressing on the red circles again to counter him.

Start mashing Q once the indicator appears, it's going to be a long mashing time but don't falter.

Eventually the woman will help you out by burying an axe on Woody's head.

She'll start beating on Woody, you can either choose to let her beat him up or stop her. The choice won't matter so much.

Once she starts trying to light a smoke, you can either light it for her or give her the matchbook that you picked up in the hallway before entering Woody's apartment.

Bigby will try to ask her questions and she'll try to avoid it by asking if her ribbon looks good. No matter which one you pick she'll put on a sad face.

Bigby will also comment on the fact that she needed the money from Woody, you can either choose to give her some money or keep the money. If you choose to give her the money, Bigby will comment that he doesn't have $100, but will give her everything he has anyways. Even if you choose not to give money, she may still call you a good guy.

She'll leave after agreeing to meet Bigby later for a statement.