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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Mountain Descent

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Move throught the river. You need to cross it and get to the other side. After the second pole, you have to hold down the right button. I repeat hold it down not mash it to get to the next pole.

Bad luck Lara strikes again. The pole will break and the river will pull you down. On the first branch head left.

Then on the second one go to the right. Yes, it's the path with the propeller and spikes. Try to aim for the middle part so you don't get instant KO.

As you head down the river past the propeller turn right to avoid those spikes that will hit you as you drop down.

Shoot the barricade that's blocking your path, then on the last part go right, but not so much cause there's another spike below you, turn left as soon as you pass the first spike.

You'll fall inside a broken plane. Then fall again luckily you have a parachute. Press E to open the first parachute and it will fail. You'll then have to press shift to open the reserve.

And you'll have to navigate the forest trees to find a clearing where you can land. Don't worry if you hit a couple of branches, you won't die. A small cutscene will play afterwards.