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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Shantytown

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Head down the path and run towards the ledge. You'll then miss your mark and fall down.

Head down the path and to the makeshift shed on the right side. You'll see a small gap in the wall. Drop down on the water and squeeze through the wall.

Make your way through the hole and you'll hear a few people talking. Just keep going until you reach the end of the tunnel but don't exit it.

From the tunnel exit start shooting at the Solarii outside. Leaving the hole just makes you more vulnerable to their attacks so I'd suggest you pick them off from here.

Once you get rid of all of them leave the hole and continue towards the stairs on the right. Make your way around the floating platforms until they start attacking you again.

After you kill the Solarii that are guarding the helicopter use your rope arrow on the back of the helicopter to pull down the door, then head inside it and a cutscene will start.

After the cutscene you will gain a new type of arrow. Fire arrows! And you will also literally have a whole battalion of Solarii out to kill you. First off shoot the oil behind the Solarii with a fire arrow.

Then look to your right, you'll see an oil barrel hidden behind some tires. Shoot it to quickly thin out the Solarii.

Wait for them to get near the next oil barrel further to the right and shoot that one too when they get closer.

Some of the Solarii should be able to get a lot closer to you now. Turn towards the south east. You'll see some of them hiding behind cover. Start killing them then make your way towards that area and hide behind cover.

From there kill off the rest of them then use the campsite. Distrubute your points and upgrade your weapons if you can.

Head down the path on the left side of the campsite and make your way to the shanty with a red flag on it.

Now keep heading forward and you'll see a gate with some white paint on it. Head for that gate and you'll be ambushed again.

Equip your flame arrows and start taking the Solarii down one by one with a fully charged flame shot. If you can hit their heads that would be a lot better.

After you've taken down the ones from the front side, look to your right. They should start attacking you from this side. Make use of the oil barrels to blow them up and quickly thin them out.

You might run out of arrows during the confrontation. I would suggest either the machinegun or pistol. The shotgun isn't really made for long range battles.

Loot the corpses after you've killed all of them. Then turn around and shoot a flaming arrow at the wood that's holding the gate shut. After it burns down use the crank on the left sid

Head through the gates and use the campsite if you need to. Considering you're at hardened level already (skills) you should seriously get dodge counter. This is really useful for taking care of those armored and machete guys.

Go down the path and you'll see someone being chased through the zip lines. After you regain control continue walking and jump down to the ground and into the water. Head up the stairs and keep going forward until you hear a man screaming.

Shoot the Solarii that's after Grim as they're climbing the ladder. Once shot to any body part will kill them. Then head towards the ladder.

After they ambush you again shoot down the guy that's on the alarm with your bow. There's a lot of them here even more than the previous ambush.

Start killing them off as quickly as you can. But make sure to always move from cover to cover when they throw dynamite at you.

Also focus your attention not only to the Solarii that are attacking you but also that alarm at the top of the building. When you hear the alarm kill the guy that's setting it off.

After you've killed a few of them an archer will create a zip line and some machete guys will glide down and attack you.

Make good use of your dodging and axe skills to kill the machete guys quickly. Then go back to your cover and start shooting the archers with your own arrows.

After you've killed them Grim will call you over, but you can't climb up from here anymore. Turn around and head for the zip line that the Salarii used to get to you. Walk up the ramp and jump towards it to grab it, then make your way up.

Climb up the yellow ladder and use the zip line to get to the crate hauler.

Once you get to the top go to the right branch and use the pole to swing towards the higher floor.

Make your way to the left branch and aim at the oil barrel to kill the Solarii that's right beside it.

Walk up to the next crate and take cover. Kill the other Solarii that will attack you, then make your way to the wooden wall and use it to climb up.

Once you get on the higher platform more Solarii will come and attack you. Hide behind the wall on the left side and take them out. There's two on the lower floor and one on the upper left area.

Jump across the gap and hide behind the metal crate. More Solarii will come and attack you. Kill them, there's 5 all in all so it shouldn't be too hard to take them out.

After killing the Solarii climb up the wall on the left side, then wait for a crate to pass you and jump on top of it.

When you get near the other side you'll see that Grim got captured by the Solarii. You need to fight them back. From the top of the crate shoot the oil barrel that's on the upper platform.

Jump down the lower platform and hide behind cover. Some machete guys will attack you so blow up the oil barrel on the right side to kill him.

They'll eventually make it through and attack you. You can take them on easily as long as you have the dodge counter skill. Just dodge them and take them down one by one.

After you've killed off all the machete guys go back to attacking the archers on the other side of the platform.

Go near the end of the platform that you're standing on and a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene jump towards the zip line on the right side and make your way to the other platfrom.

From there go to the right side and climb up the yellow ladder. There's another zip line on the upper platform, use it to get to the cliff on the opposite side.

Some Solarii will cut off the line and Lara will fall. Quickly press E to use the climbing axe, then climb up the wall.

Climb up the wall and head inside the building. There's a campsite here use it if you need to upgrade, then exit throught the other path towards the bridge.

Make your way across the lower bridge and towards the one on the higher floor right in front of the one that you're traversing.

You will actually be passing underneath the bridge. Jump towards the wooden planks and make your way up.

Roth will back you up and start shooting at the Solarii that's guarding the bridge. Shimmy to the right and climb on top of the beam.

From there jump to the other beam that's right in front of you then climb on the side of the bridge.

When you get to the side of the bridge Roth will occassionally tell you to stop moving. Don't move until he tells you that you can move.

After a while Roth will tell you that it's clear to climb up the bridge. You'll be attacked by a Solarii and fall off. Climb up the wood until you get to stable grounds.

The Solarii will then attack you and you'll have to make a run for it. Jump from roof to roof until you get to safety.

At the last house you'll see a climbable part of the wall right in front of you. Jump towards it and press E to use your climbing axe. Make your way to the top and enter the small tunnel at the end of the path.

Once inside the tunnel push through until you reach the end and find a way to leave the water.