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Tomb Raider Walkthrough Cliffside Village

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Keep walking towards the banner on the opposite side of the area and jump towards it to use it as a swing to get to the next house.

The houses will start collapsing and you'll have to make your way towards the ramp and jump to the roof.

Now you need to jump to the hanging crate. Make sure that you're not sticking too much on the left side cause the camera angle is a bit hard here and you will most definitely fall if you're too close to the left.

From there keep on following the houses and jump wherever you can jump.

Eventually you'll arrive at another hanging banner. It may look like you won't make it but you will. Just jump towards it and Lara will grab on to it.

Now you'll just have to keep on following the houses until you get to the last house where you'll find the pilot.

You'll then be attacked by the bandit with a shield. It's like that last guy that you went up against but this one is a lot easier to kill since he doesn't have full body armor. Just dodge his attack and shoot him. He'll die pretty quickly.

Climb up the ramp and jump towards the next platform. Keep walking on the path until you see the campsite. Use the campsite and you'll obtain another entry for Lara's journal. Upgrade your weapons and distribute your skill points before heading out.

Climb up the stairs on the left side and you'll receive a call from Roth. He'll tell you that he's nearby and you'll have to find him.

At the top of the stairs in the next area you'll get caught in a rope trap. Shoot the bandits that come at you and you'll be allowed to shoot the mechanism and be free from the rope after you take care of them.

After you get down, you'll receive a rope and a new use for your handy bow. Target the leg of the house that the bandits are standing on and press the middle mouse button (scroll wheel) to shoot an arrow with a rope attached on it.

More enemies will come out after that. Take care of the bomber first before you start killing the ones with the machineguns.

After you've taken care of the bandits head over the crate that's hanging near the waterfall. Use your rope arrow to pull it down so you can reach it, then jump on it and get to the house right next to it.

Now head over to the path on the left side of the house and keep going until you see a gap that you obviously can't jump. Stand beside the wooden pillar and draw your bow. Aim it at the torii in front of you and shoot the arrow. Lara will automatically bury another arrow into the pillar.

Now use your zip line to get to the other side and keep walking until you reach a dead end. Look to the right and you'll see a door with some rope wrapped around it. Use the rope arrow to pull it down and break the door.

Head inside the door and follow the tunnel until you reach the exit and you'll find Roth.

Head down the stairs and use your rope arrow to create a zip line that yo can use to get dow to the lower area, then slide down on it.

Hide behind the wooden panel and wait for the 3 bandits to split up. Now take out the one that's standing near the base of the steps.

Look to the right and peek in between the house wall and the wooden pillar. The second bandit should stop there briefly. Aim your bow at his head and kill him.

Climb up the stairs and head for the broken cart. Use it as leverage to reach the zip line that's hanging right above you.

Make your way to the right side of the building as soon as you get off of the zip line. There's another set of stairs here. Climb up and use your rope arrow on the torri at the other side of the gap. Then use the zip line to get to the other side.

Head up the side of the cliff by using the climbing axe. You'll hear some men talking at the top. Don't stop and keep going, they'll have their backs turned on you. Get near the first one then press F and mash E to strangle him.

Now don't let the other one catch you. Quickly run over to him as soon as you've killed the first one and strangle him too. Then shoot a rope arrow towards the torri on the other side and use the zip line to get to the other side.

Shoot a rope arrow on the broken tree at the end of the path to create a zip line. Then use it to climb down and do the same on the tree at the right side.

Make your way around the path and use another rope arrow on the tree at the opposite side of where you're standing. Use the zip line to get to the other side.

Make your way around the rock and towards the other side. You'll see a wall with white paint jump towards it and use it to climb up to the higher platform. Now look to your left and you'll see the blue smoke. Use your rope arrow to create a zip line and use it to get to the other side.

As you're crossing the zip line the wooden pillar will fall down. Quickly press E to get Lara to use the climbing axe and make your way to the top, towards the blue smoke.

Follow the mountain path all the way through. It's pretty linear so you won't get lost. At the end of the path you'll find a cave with a campsite inside.

Sit dow beside the campsite and upgrade your weapons as well as distribute your skill points. You should have the recurve bow at this point. Upgrade it if you do and if you don't well... make sure to get it soon. Remember that you can loot parts from crates and enemy bodies.

To exit the area just follow the path on the right side of the campfire. Or just hug the wall on the right and keep going forward.

You'll know that you're going the right way when you get to the statue of Himiko. Head out through the door that's directly in front of you.

Head for the bridge and cross it to get to the captain. Of course that means you just walked right into a trap.