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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Showdown at Naggiar 1

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There are quite a few bases we can capture in this battle. We will wait until we are further in to deploy most of our non command point giving troops.

In the West camp deploy a shock trooper and Largo. Make sure that Largo is on the right deployment point behind the sandbags. You want the shock trooper on the left deployment point behind the sandbags.

In the East camp deploy Rosie, Alicia, and another scout. Put Rosie in a deployment point close to the top of the screen. Turn 1 Select Alicia. Run her North. When the trench forks take the right fork.

There will be an enemy scout up here. Have her take him out. Then end her turn. Select the other scout.

Run him to Alicia. Then continue north.

Have him rocket grenade the enemy scout that is to the north. Then run him to where the enemy scout was.

Spend another command point on this scout, and have him finish off the enemy scout. Spend another point on Alicia.

Have her run to the other trench to the north. Stay on the upper lip of the trench entrance and go all the way to the West of this lip.

Have her launch a rocket grenade at the machine gun bunker. Try to put the grenade slightly behind the bunker. Doing this will cause it to blow up. Now select Rosie. Have her run North.

At the fork in the trench take the left branch. Spend another point on Rosie. Get out of your trench and run directly North. You will see another trench entrance here. Jump down in to this trench. Go left in the trench.

There is an enemy shock trooper here. Take him out. Select the shock trooper you put in the West base.

Run him forward and up the ladder. There is another ladder here. Go down it in to the trench.

Follow the trench until you come to a enemy scout. Take him out. Save the rest of your command points. Turn 2 Select Rosie.

Go around the back of the nearby enemy base. Have her climb the steps and take out the enemy shock trooper located at the top of them.

Now capture this base. Have Rosie run West and then to the North. Now select Alicia.

Have her get out of the trench and run to the West, down and around the enemy base you just captured. Run to the North in this trench.

You should be right beside Rosie.

Around the corner to the right there is an enemy shock trooper with his back to you. Take him out.

Now spend another point on Rosie. Have her run to Alicia. There is another enemy shock trooper this way. Have her take that shock trooper out. Now select your other scout.

Have them run to Rosie and Alicia. He can heal whoever is injured the most. Deploy two more shock troopers and a lancer at your newly captured base. Save the rest of your command points. Turn 3 Select your scout that is with Alicia and Rosie.

Run them to the West, and have them duck behind the sandbags.

Bring up your targeting radicial and toss a grenade towards the sandbags the two enemy shock troopers are hiding behind. Speed is key here, because that scout will not last long under fire from two shock troopers. Now select one of the shock troopers you just deployed.

Run them up beside the scout you just moved, and have them take one of the enemy shock troopers down. Now select Rosie.

Have her run to the enemies base, and have her take the last shock trooper down. Then have her capture the base.

After a small cut scene, you will see a door open. Have her run through that door and crouch at the top of the trench exit. Welkin and Zaka are now on the battle field. Select Welkin.

Have him fire a morter behind the bunker to the North.

Doing this should blow up that bunker.

Go directly to the East, and leave Welkin in the pit there. Now select Zaka.

Move him North and have him fire a shell at Sima the Younger. Then move Zaka to the South East.

Try to get him to the pit that is to the south of Welkins. Select the lancer you recently summoned.

Spend two command points on him to move him to Rosie. Select the shock trooper that you recently deployed but haven't moved yet. Move them North and then West.

There is an enemy shock trooper with his back to you. Take him down.

Spend another point on this shock trooper, and have them move to the West until they run out of movement.

Spend another command point on the shock trooper that stormed the last enemies base. Have them heal the scout that is near him and then run him to Rosie.

Select the scout that was just healed. Run them to Rosie. Have them heal themselves if they need it, and then end their turn.

Select Alicia. Have her run directly West.

There is an enemy shock trooper here with his back to you. Take him out.

You should have two more points. Spend them on Zaka's Shamrock to move him in to the pit, if you didn't quite get there before. Turn 4

Select the shock trooper that is near Alicia. Have them go West and climb the ladder.

There is a shock trooper here guarding an enemy base. Throw a grenade at that enemy shock trooper.

Spend another point on your shock trooper, and finish the enemy off. Then capture the base.

Leave your shock trooper crouched behind the sandbags at your new base. Select Rosie. Move her to the North.

You will see a couple of tents here. Move her behind the tents to the West.

There is an enemy shock trooper to the West. Take him out. Now select your lancer that was with Rosie. We are going to move him the same way we moved Rosie.

Run him behind the large tank, and blow it up.

Spend two more points on Rosie, and have her take out the enemy shock trooper, and the enemy scout inside of the base. Select the scout that was with Rosie at the start of the turn. Move him along the same path to the enemy base.

Have him take out the scout that is to the North West, and then capture the base. Capturing the base will complete this mission.