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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough The Mayberry Shore

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This map is littered with bases, so we are going to wait on deploying most of our troops.

Start by deploying Alicia, and another scout in to Zaka's group. That's all you are going to deploy now. Instead of deploying your main force, we will wait and deploy them past the choak point. That makes the movement of your forces much easier. Turn 1

Move Welkin forward, and have him shoot a smoke shell in between the two invincible machine guns.

Have him move North West as far as possible.

Spend another command point on him and move him to the North West.

You will see a scout at the end of this path. Take him out with a morter.

Then run Alicia through the smoked filled area. Capture the enemy base that is to the North East on the other side of the choak point.

Have her take out the enemy scout that is nearby. Take cover behind the sandbags.

Now select the other scout that you deployed. Run this scout to Alicia. Have her take cover behind the sandbags. Now deploy Largo, Rosie, another scout, and another shock trooper at your recently captured base. Turn 2 Select Welkin.

Have him move up the road until you can see the nearby tank. There should be two bunkers firing at your tank. We are going to take out the one to the West.

Put a morter just behind that bunker. There is a canister of blue stuff behind it, that will explode when your morter hits the ground. Select Rosie.

Run her North. She should be running up the path that Welkin did not take.

At the top there are a couple shock troopers. Use a grenade to remove the cover from the West most shock trooper.

Drop Rosie in to the nearby ditch. Spend another point on her to finish off this shock trooper. Run Rosie to the West and then to the North, always staying in the ditch.

Now run Alicia to the North. Have her use a rifle grenade to remove the cover from the East most shock trooper.

Spend another point on Alicia to take that shock trooper out. Move her North until you see another bunker.

Spend another point on Alicia, and have her shoot the blue barrel behind that bunker. Now move her to the south, and hide her behind the hill there. Spend another command point on Rosie.

Have her take out the shock trooper that is near her. Then run her to the North most point in the ditch and crouch her there.

Spend two command points on Largo. Have him run up and behind the enemy tank that is near Welkin. Have him take it out. If you have any extra movement, run him back to the South and in to the ditch that Rosie is in.

Select the shock trooper at your base. Have them run towards Welkin, and then drop them in to the ditch that is nearby. This shock trooper should be pretty close to Rosie. Select one of your scouts.

Move them to Welkin, and then have them move up next to Rosie.

Fire a rifle grenade at the enemy scout that is nearby to remove it's cover. Turn 3 Select Welkin and have him launch a smoke grenade near the tank that has been firing at him. Now select Alicia and have her run to the bunker she previously had taken out.

When you are launching rifle grenades here, make sure you are not fireing them in to the smoke. Grenades will make the smoke vanish. Have her launch a rifle grenade at the scout that is hiding behind the sandbags here.

Run her to the West. She will have to run this way when you've taken over the North most base. Now select the scout that is still at your last base.

Run him up to the base Alicia took over and have him launch a rifle grenade at the shock trooper hiding behind the sandbags here.

Spend another point on this scout. Have him finish off the shock trooper up here. Now have this scout take over the enemies base.

Select Largo and run him up behind the big tank in the smoke. Have him take it out. You will have to spend two command points to do this.

Select Rosie have her run a bit North East, and then to the South. You will see a shock trooper down here. Have her take that trooper out.

Now select Alicia. Have her run to Rosie, and then continue on towards the base to the south.

There is an enemy scout waiting here. Have her take him out, and then capture this base.

Spend a point on the scout that was next to Rosie at the beginning of the turn, and have her move to the newly captured base. Summon a shock trooper and a lancer at this base. Turn 4

Select Welkin, and have him fire a smoke shell between the two indestructable turrets. Select the scout at your new base.

Move her through the smoke. Have her take cover behind the sandbags on the other side of the smoke.

There is an enemy shock trooper here. Have her fire her rocket grenade at him to remove his cover.

Select Rosie. Move her up to the sandbags and have her take out the uncovered shock trooper. Run your her to the right.

There is a little alley way here that you can use to move your troops behind the two tanks that are at the top of the hill. At the top of this alley way is a named enemy shock trooper that will give you a weapon. This guy is really tough, but take him out this turn if you can.

If you take one of your shock troopers and fire at the enemy scout that is behind him, you can get him to turn around.

Then take him out by firing at the back of his head. I've found this to be the best way to take him out. If that doesn't work just grenade him. Spend the rest of your points moving your troops from your last aquired base in to the alley. Next turn we will take this base out. Turn 5

Select Rosie. Have her take out the shock trooper elite that is standing in the open.

Now select Alicia have her launch a rifle grenade at the scout that is still hiding behind the sandbags.

Spend another command point on Alicia to finish the scout off.

Now select your lancer and have them move up behind those two tanks. Have them take both of those tanks out.

It might take a few command points to do so. When the tanks are gone, capture the base and you are done.