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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Recapture of Bruhl

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As always deploy Largo, Rosie, and Alicia.

Also deploy four more scouts, and an engineer. The key to getting an A on this mission is moving fast, and taking out people on the run. Turn 1

Move the shamrock North and then West.

You will see an enemy shock trooper and a sniper hiding behind some sandbags. Fire a morter and take them out.

Continue up this road as far as you can go. Now select Alicia.

Run her up the road to the right. If you stay to the very right of the road you should be able to come up behind a shock trooper. Take him out.

Continue up the road and go to the right. Watch out for the mines.

There are crazy amounts of mines in this battle. Duck behind the sandbags in this area. Select your Engineer.

Run them North and then up the East road. If you turn to the right you will see a sniper standing on a roof.

Take him out, and then duck behind the sandbags at the top of the hill. Now select another one of your scouts. Run this scout to Alicia.

On the way you will see that there is a sniper on top of a watch tower. Take him down. Select a scout on the left side of your starting base.

Run them North until they get a clear shot of the sniper that is near the shamrock. Take that sniper out. Then run this scout to Alicia. Pick another scout run them to Alicia.

On the way there take out the scout that is standing in front of the named tank that is blocking the road. Select your last scout. Run them all the way to Alicia.

Spend another command point on one of your better scouts. Have this scout take out the enemy shock trooper to the North. Then run to the enemy base to the North West. Capture the base and hide behind the sandbags.

Spend another command point on one of the scouts in your group. You will see a sniper standing in a building to the North. Take that sniper out.

Spend the rest of your points moving as many scouts as you can in to the recently capture base. You should have three scouts in the base.

Spend another point on your Engineer. Move them closer to that enemy base. Turn 2 Select the Shamrock.

Roll the shamrock forward until it is behind the named tank. Shoot the radiator on the back of that tank.

Now select one of your scouts that didn't make it to your new base.

Run them to the North West, and launch a grenade at the shock trooper elite to the North hiding behind the sandbags. Select your other trailing scout.

Have them run up and launch a grenade at the lancer that is hiding behind the sandbags to the North. Now choose your engineer.

Have her run up and remove some of the mines that are in your way. This place is littered with mine fields.

Have them take a shot at the sniper on the roof to the West. The sniper might duck, and it might not. Select another scout.

Have this scout move up and launch a grenade at Mash the Hunter to get him out of his cover. Now Select Alicia.

Have her run up and behind Mash the Hunter. Take him out. Select a scout that is by the enemy lancer.

Have them run up behind that lancer and then head shot him. Select the shamrock.

Have him roll forward and take out the Heavy AT gun that is in the enemies base.

Select Alicia again and have her take that base over to end the mission.