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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Infiltration of Fouzen

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You've got a long way to go in this mission, so I deploy quite a few scouts.

Deploy Largo and Rosie for the command points. You should deploy them but you shouldn't move them from their deployment spot. I deploy Alicia and three other scouts. I also deploy an engineer to remove the mines that are in the way of Welkin's tank. Turn 1 Move Alicia down the path.

You will see what looks like a little wood ramp leading to some kind of cable car. Have Alicia ride the cable car.

There are a whole bunch of snipers you can take out here.

Have her take out two snipers this turn as she works her way down the path. Have her hide in one of the nearby alley ways. Now select Welkin.

Have him roll his tank forward. You will eventually see a scout on the path. Go ahead and take him out.

Move Welkin forward again.

Now move three of your other scouts and your engineer up to Welkin's tank. Turn 2

Select Alicia and have her take out the remaining two snipers on this path.

Doing that will take two command points. Run her down the path.

The path will snake down to the level below. Hide here on one of the turns of the path. She will be behind a house, and pretty safe here.

Now select Welkin and move his tank up once. Be careful not to get in the spotlights. There should be a couple troops standing close to the end of the bridge.

You can take them out with a morter from your tank. There is another tank on the bridge to the north but you can't see it yet.

Now move your scouts and your engineer forward. Make sure you do not let the spotlights see you.

If there are any shock troopers still alive, use your scouts to take them out. But do so from the safety of the buldings.

There are two rows of buildings and it's best if you move your scouts and engineer between them. Turn 3

Spend a point on one of your scouts. Have them get somewhat near the bridge so you can see the tank that is on it.

Now select Welkin and move him forward. Wait for the spot lights to see him. That way both morters will fire in one place.

Then move him forward as far as he wll go, and shoot the tank on the North most bridge.

Move Welkin North again, and finish his move by shooting the tank.

Move him once more and take out the tank that is on the bridge. Don't move him too close to the North spot lights or he will be taken out by them. Turn 4 Select your engineer.

Move up to the two mines in front of the bridge. Have him disarm them. Wait for both spotlights to center on him.

Then move him across the bridge. Have him take a couple of shots at the lancer that was shooting at Welkin.

Move one of your scouts across the bridge, and have them finish off the lancer.

Now move Welkin up and across the bridge.

Now move another scout forward. You will see a lancer hiding in the grass. Throw a grenade at him to get him out of the grass. Then hide in the grass yourself.

Select another one of your scouts. Move your scout up and finish off the lancer that was hiding in the grass.

Move Welkin up and have him face the enemies base here. Fire a shot to take out the enemies defenses. Turn 5

Move one of your scouts to the base, and take it over.

The have another one of your scouts ride the nearby rail car.

Walk up the path and use a grenade to take out the two snipers here. Watch out for the mines.

Run your engineer out on to the bridge and have him disable the tank mine there.

Move Welkin up and have him destory the tank. It will take three shots, which means six command points.

Then move him back behind the nearby rock wall, so the lancers do not hurt him. Turn 6

Move Welkin across the bridge.

Then spend the rest of your command points to move Welkin to the meeting point.