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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Reunion in the Forest

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The North most postion starts with Welkin and Alicia already in it.

In the South most position I put Largo, Rosie, two snipers, and extra lancer and an extra shock trooper. Do not put Largo furthest forward. The lancer you put furthest forward will go down in the coming combat. I always say the best defense is a good offense. Turn 1 Select the shock trooper you put up front.

Run them forward to the sandbags that are in front of the tank, and crouch them there.

Throw a grenade at sandbags with the shock trooper behind them.

Spend another point on this shock trooper to take the enemy shock trooper out.

Now select the lancer that is furthest forward, and have them run around behind the tank.

Take it out. They have probably taken massive damage doing this, so they will go down durring the enemies turn no matter what you try to do.

Select your snipers. Run the forward and have them crouch behind sandbags.

Now start using them to take out lancers. Taking out the lancers will save your tank a lot of woes. I use three command points on the snipers.

Have them try to take out two lancers and the one scout that has a command point. Spend a point on Largo.

Have him take a shot at the remaining tank, and then kneel behind the sandbags.

Spend a command point on Rosie. Have her kneel behind the sandbags. Turn 2

Okay select your shock trooper that is not Rosie and have him take out any enemy shock troopers near him. There is probably only one.

Run him forward near one of the lancers that has been attacking your tank. Now spend another command point on him and have him take that lancer down.

Then run him back behind the sandbags he was behind before.

Now spend another command point on him and have him take out a lancer that is close to him. Select Largo.

Move him up to where the last shock trooper you moved was. Have him take another shot at the light tank.

Spend two points on your snipers taking down various troops. I would take down lancers if you can. If you can't, then try taking out the snipers. Now select Welkin.

Move him forward and around the corner. Take out the scout that is there.

Keep running him along the trail here to the wooden shack that is at the North most point on the map.

Now select Alicia run her forward and have her take out the scout that is next to the shack.

Spend another point on Alicia moving her past the artilery gun and down the trail to the left. Leave her in the patch of grass at the bottom of that trail. Turn 3 Now it's time to take out the rest of the troops and capture their base.

Have your snipers take a couple of shots at the lancer and shock trooper that ran up. There should be two enemies on the screen.

Select Rosie and spend command points on her having her run to the enemies base.

Take out troops as you go.

Spend the remaining command points on Welkin and Alicia. Next turn you will have them back with the group. Turn 4 Select Welkin have him continue on down the trail.

There are some boards he will have to walk on to cross the little stream.

There is also a broken bridge he will have to climb to get back to the others. When he is back in the tank, select him again.

Have him roll forward a little, until you get a clear shot at the artilery gun. Take it out and then continue rolling forward.

Spend a second command point on him, to get him to roll through the gate up ahead. There is one shock trooper up here.

You can move Rosie through the broken gate and take out the shock trooper. Then you've got a choice. You can capture this base and end the mission, or you can go kill a named sniper and pick up an extra weapon. I'm going to take an extra turn to kill the sniper. Summon a scout at your starting base. Turn 5 Run this scout down the trail that is to the North East.

Take out the first sniper here.

Spend another command point on your scout and have him take out the second sniper. This named sniper is really tough, but the weapon is worth it.

Then have Rosie capture the enemies base.