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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Vegetable Route Incident

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For this mission you've got Welkin without his tank, and Largo already picked for you.

I choose Alicia as the third, because she can move far and she gives and extra command point. Turn 1

Select Welkin, and run him to the West. You will be staring at a building. Take a right and then a left.

Take out the scout on this side of the building, and continue straight.

When you can't go any further take a right and climb up the ladder on the building there. Walk across to the next ladder, and end Welkin's turn. Next move Alicia to Welkin. Have Alicia climb down the next ladder.

There should be a shock trooper around the building to the right. Hopefully you will be able to bring her behind that shock trooper.

Take him out, and then move Alicia to the North. Have her face down the path here, incase an enemy decides to run by.

Now use two command points to move Largo to where Alicia is. Turn 2

Durring the computer's turn, an enemy scout should have attacked Largo or Alicia.

Select Largo and have him take this scout out. Then continue directly East until he runs out of movement. Now select Alicia.

Run her East and have her take out the shock trooper to the East.

Get close to that shock trooper and use a grenade on him. He has a command point, and they tend to be tougher to take out.

Now run Alicia to the North West. There's an machine gun turret here, so hide here behind the wall on the side.

Let's select Welkin and run up to where Alicia is. Now select Largo.

Run him towards Welkin and Alicia, but have him crouch behind the sandbags before you get to them.

Have Largo take out the turret with one of his lances. Then end his turn. Turn 3 Select Welkin.

Run him to the North, and then to the East. There is a lancer and a scout here.

Have Welkin take out one of them.

Then select Alicia, and have her take out the other.

Select Largo and move him in to the ladder that leads to the grassy medow. You will have to burn two command points to get him there. Climb the ladder and walk over to the cliff.

Have him take out one of the tanks there and then lay in the grass. Turn 4

Have Largo take out the other tank to complete this mission.