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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Battle for the Bridge

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I position Largo, Rosey, Alicia, and a bunch of scouts to start this mission.

I leave one spot open. I use the empty spot to deploy a lancer later on. Turn 1 I'm going to say that the top of the Map is north, and the bottom of the map is South for ease in directions.

Move one of your scouts to the East. Across the way you will see an active tank with one of those blue fuel cells by it.

Use your first scout to shoot that fuel cell. It will blow up and do some serious damage to that tank. Run Alicia around the wall to your right to get her out of the way. When you took out the fuel cell you should have noticed a scout with his back to you.

Have Rosey take out that scout. Pick another scout next.

Run this scout up by Rosey. You will see that there are two fuel cells sitting by two tanks here.

Landing a grenade right between the two fuel cells will cause them both to go off.

Use this scout to capture the base camp here, and then move them behind the building to the North.

You will see a shock trooper on the road to the North. Use another move on this scout. Move up behind that shock trooper and take him out. Then move the scout towards the East corner of the wall.

Next up select Largo. Move him towards the newly captured base camp.

Use him to take out the majorly damaged tank here. If you are careful you can do that in one move. Select another scout.

You still have one more enemy scout by the newly capture base camp.

Use this scout to take out that enemy. Then move this scout to the North. Make sure they are under cover when you end their turn, because there is a sniper over looking the area. There should be two scouts left to move.

Run both of these scouts directly North and then to the East. You will come across a break in the wall.

This break in the wall gives you access to a bunch of tanks and fuel cells. Go ahead and start taking them out with your scouts. Use your last move on one of the scouts you moved last.

Have them take out the last fuel cell in that area, and then move them as far East as you can.

Be sure to keep them in cover at the end of their move. Turn 2.

Move Largo over to the crack in the wall. You will see that he has a clear shot at the wounded tank.

It should only take one shot to take it out.

Select your Eastern most scout and move them East.

When you see a blue fuel cell behind a tank, shoot it. Then move the scout back the way they came until you reach a road that goes North.

Run North on this road, until you see a base camp.

Put the scout behind one of the sandbags in that base camp. Don't worry about the Lancer standing in the camp. He will not attack yet, and we will take him out next.

Pick the next closest scout. Have this scout sneek up behind the lancer and take him out.

Capture the base camp. The duck this scout behind the sandbags.

Pick your next scout. Run this scout North past the base camp you just captured.

Notice that there is a sniper on one of the roofs here. Use this scout to take him out.

Continue running North until you are close to a huge pile of rubble. We are going to run this scout around that huge pile of rubble if possible. Stay in cover if at all possible.

Choose Alicia and run her up the road to the North as far as she can go. She should be by the last scout you ran up here.

Select one of the scouts you left in the newly captured base camp. Move them North and around the large pile of rubble.

They will be able to shoot a fuel cell behind a tank here.

Deploy a lancer at the newly captured base by clicking the base's flag.

Select Rosey and run her to the North. She will not be able to make it very far, but she will get to the newly captured base next turn.

Largo should still be at the hole in the wall facing North. Have him target the East most tank that he can see through that hole.

He will fire his rocket North and it will take out some rubble. Next turn he will have a clear shot at that damaged tank. Turn 3

The lancer that was on the roof by the base camp you captured last should have come down off of it. The East most poorly damaged tank should have moved forward a little bit.

Select the lancer you deployed last turn, and run them East to that damaged tank.

Take that tank out. Select the scout that you have stationed at the last base camp you took.

Use that scout to take out the lancer which came down off of the roof. Then run that scout to the North around the pile of rubble.

You should now have four scouts close to that pile of rubble.

Select Largo and have him take another shot at the North most tank through the crack in the wall. This time he will take it out.

Now select one of the other north most scouts. We are going to run that scout directly at their last base camp.

Hide behind some sandbags there. Use a grenade to take out the scout hiding there. The shocktrooper hiding behind the sand bags will not be looking your way.

Select another one of your scouts, run them to the enemies last base camp. Duck them behind a sandbag, and have them grenade the remaining shock trooper.

He will not be dead, but he will be close to dead. Select your last scout and move them up to the enemies last base camp.

Have this scout finish the shock trooper and then take the base. That's the end of this mission.