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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough In Defense of Bruhl

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The "Defense of Bruhl" episode will be your next battle. So continue the story line until then.

Turn 1 Pick the town guard first.

Run him up to the first set of sand bags and crouch. Aim at the nearby scout and head shot him to take him down.

He is not crouched so he is pretty easy to take out. Stand the guardsman up, and jump over the first set of sandbags. You can jump over sandbags by running straight in to them. Move the guardsman to the second set of sandbags. Crouch him there, and end his turn.

Make sure he is facing the second scout that is crouched behind the next set of sandbags.

Select Alicia and run her up to where you left the guardsman crouched and have her crouch next to him.

Target the scout, and press square to change weapons to your hand grenades. Throw a hand granade at him to get rid of his sandbags. Go ahead and end Alicia's turn.

Select Welkin from the map. Run him up next to Alicia and the guardsman.

Have him crouch and then take out the scout that no longer has cover. Turn 2 There is two more scouts in this area. One is behind the fence. Another one comes around the corner of the building to your right.

Your troops will probably pick them off on the computer's turn. If not you will be slowed down a little bit taking them out before you can head up to the next set of sandbags.

On your turn select Alicia and have her run up to the set of sandbags that is beyond the building the guard was hiding behind.

You will see another scout hiding behind another set of sandbags. Toss a grenade to clear him of his cover.

Then switch to Welkin. Have him run up next to Alicia and take out the guard.

Since he no longer has cover it will be easy to take him out with a couple of head shots. End Welkin's turn.

Run the guardsman up next to Welkin. You will see another guard standing behind a crate to the right.

Use the guardsman to take him out. Turn 3

Okay, you've just met your first tank. It lauched a weapon at your guardsman and hurt him pretty bad. So we are going to leave him behind for a turn so he can heal.

There are four scouts and the tank to worry about now. Towards the bottom of this map you will see a line of sandbags. They form a division between the scouts and your exit point.

Run Alica to one of the bottom most sandbags and duck her behind it.

Then have her take out one of the scouts.

Switch to Welkin and have him do the same.

Use the remaining command point to select Welkin or Alicia.

Have them take out another one of the scouts. There should only be one scout left now. Turn 4

The tank will roll right up to you.

Move the guardsman straght cross the map to the remaining scout.

Take him out with a couple headshots.

Then use the rest of his movement to run him to the exit point. Select Alicia and run her to the exit point.

Do the same with Welkin. That's the end of that mission.