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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Encounter at Bruhl

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At the start of every battle you will get short cut scenes. They will usually explain why you are fighting, what you need to accomplish in the battle,

where the enemy are coming from, and where you start at on the map. After the cut scenes you will end up looking down at a map.

There are several blue icons on the map, and several red icons. The blue icons are your troops, and the red ones are the enemy that you need to take out. At the top of the map you will see a red and blue bar with stars on it. The stars represent command points. Each command point allows you to move one of your troops once. Hover the pointer over one of your troops and then press the X button to select it. You will be moved in to an over the shoulder view.

There is a gold bar at the bottom of this screen that represents how far you can move. When the bar runs out you will be unable to move. So be careful how you walk around in this mode. This mission is very easy, so you don't have to worry too much about ending a move in cover. In the future you will though, so it's a good thing to keep in mind now.

Down the road you will see some sandbags and an enemy on the other side of them. Walk to the sand bags.

When you get close enough you will see that you can press X to crouch behind them. Go ahead and do this. Press R1 to take aim at the enemy.

You will see a couple boxes appear close to the top of your screen. The first box tells you what kind of enemy you are targeting. The second box tells you how hard it is going to be to take that enemy out. You can cycle through nearby enemies by pressing R1 or L1 when in the targeting mode.

If you put the crosshairs right on his head you will see that the to kill number drops. You have to be fairly close for that number to drop. You are by no means a sniper. When you have the enemy properly targeted go ahead and press the X button to fire at it.

When you are out of movement points press the O button to return to map mode.

You can now spend some more of your command points. You can spend the command points on any of your troops including the one you just moved. Every time you spend another command point on a unit that just moved your movement for that unit drops a little bit. They say that this is because that unit is getting tired. You do not have to spend all of your command points. Any command points you do not spend will carry over to your next turn. When you are done moving your troops or are out of command points press the O button in map mode. Now it's the computers turn. He will be able to move and shoot at your troops. Your troops will automatically fire back when this happens. After the computer has had it's turn, you will get some more command points, and be able to move again.

This mission is really easy, so I will not bother going in to it too much. Just run from enemy to enemy killing them as you go.

If you can kill them all in your first turn you will get an A for that mission. Which means a little extra money and experience.