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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Retreat from Bruhl

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Your forces have already been deployed for you. You've got to protect the gate that is to the left of Alicia's postion.

If you look at your map you will see that there is a row of three sandbags that the enemy will use to approach the gate on foot. Turn 1

Select Alicia and have her throw a grenade at the sandbag that is North most on your map. That will take away some of the cover that the enemy will use to approach the gate.

Run Alicia back to the sandbags she started at. Have her crouch behind them.

Select each guardsmen and duck them behind the sandbag. Turn 2

A light tank will roll down the road and start pounding the gate with shots. You really can't do anything about that until Welkin arives.

So just worry about the foot solders. Take them out as quickly as you can. If they get close enough to the gate, they will start throwing grenades at it.

Without the sandbags on the left hand side of the map, your troops will take them out on the computer's turn.

So on your second turn use Alicia to take out the top most sandbag. Now there should only be one sandbag left.

Use the rest of your points to take out any troops in the open. You can also save them until Welkin arives. Turn 3 On your third turn Welkin arives.

Select Alicia and have her take down the last set of sandbags.

If there is a shock trooper behind them, be sure to throw the grenade behind the sandbag. Doing so it will take the shock trooper out.

Select Welkin. Selecting a tank takes two command points.

There is a wooden wall the tank can crush through. Go ahead and do this.

Then move up the dirt road to the left. You should see a couple enemy here crouching behind some sandbags.

Switch the tanks weapon to the Mortar, and take out the troops. There is still one enemy left standing next to a building. Don't worry about him he can not hurt the tank.

I would use the remaining command points to move Welkin up the dirt road. You will eventually see the light tank.

If you can hit the glowing blue area on the back of it you will be able to take it down with one shot. When you've taken the tank out you will complete the mission.