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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Wildwood Warfare at Kloden

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I position Alicia, Rosey, Largo, and a scout in the North most group.

In the Southern most group I postion a sniper. The key to this map hinges on your ability to move fast, and to get behind the enemy. Turn 1

Let's start with the group Largo is in. Activate Alicia and walk her forward on the path.

Make sure you avoid the mines. There are a couple close to where you start. You will come to a shack. Walk around it.

There is a scout here and an anti-tank gun. Take out the scout.

Now move Alicia around the marsh.

Move your second scout of the group to the same place you moved Alicia to. Now move Largo. We are going to move Largo twice.

We want Largo destroy the anti-tank gun with this lancer. Then capture the camp where the anti-tank gun was.

Then we want him to take cover behind some sandbags.

Now move Rosey twice we want her to end her turn in cover behind sandbags looking at the path that goes to the North East. We are going to move the Alicia and the scout we already moved once more.

Select Alicia, and move her around the marsh until you see a fence. Follow the fence to the left. So you will be walking north on the map.

Have her walk around the end of the fence and run towards the scout hiding behind the sandbags.

Take the scout out with a grenade. Then leave her next to the tents. This way the tank can not see her. Now select the scout that was with her.

Run the scout up and have him throw his grenade at the shock trooper that is also hiding behind the sandbags. Make sure both sandbags get removed.

Now spend one more command point on your scout and have him finish off the shock trooper. Then have him capture the base, and hide behind the tents with Alicia. Turn 2

The first thing we are going to do is to summon a Lancer at the base you captured last. Next turn we will be able to take out the tank here. Also summon a shock trooper here to defend this base. Okay now select Alicia.

Run her North East on the road until you come to a small trail that comes from the right. Take that trail.

The trail will come to a tee. You want to go left at this tee.

There are some trees blocking your way, so take them out with a grenade. This path kind of winds around. Just follow it as far as you can.

At the top of this path is another anti-tank gun. Select the scout that was with Alicia and move him to her. Use another command point on each of them to get to the anti-tank gun.

Have one of them take out the anti-tank gun, while the other works on the scout that is hiding behind the sandbags. Make sure one of your scouts gets crouched behind the sandbags. You can spend all your points expect two, to make this happen. Now select Rosey.

There is a enemy shock trooper standing on the dirt trail to the North East. Have her take him out, but don't have her run around the corner yet. We will do that next turn.

Select the sniper in Welkins group.

Run him down the trail a bit and have him take out one of the lancers that are waiting by the tank. Turn 3 Select your newly arrived lancer.

This is going to sound kind of odd, but run your lancer out and around the fence.

Then enter the gate through the fence. This will put you right behind the medium tank.

You can try shooting it from a larger distance, but you will probably just keep hitting its turret.

Then take your shock trooper at that base and kill the last lancer that was by the tank. Select Rosey and have her run around the corner.

Take the shock trooper out with a grenade because he will duck if you just you just fire at him. Watch out for the mines.

Use another command point on Rosey. Keep running her down this trail. She should come to a fence.

There is a shock trooper waiting to the right here. Burn one more command point on her, and take out that shock trooper.

Select Alicia and have her lob a grenade at some troops in the camp below.

Do the same thing with her scout companion. If you can, take out both sandbags. It's more important to take them out than the enemy. Turn 4 Run Rosey in to the base.

You will get a cut scene, and new troops will appear in the base, along with a large tank.

Walk the scout that is with Alicia up to the edge of the cliff. We are going to use this scout over and over spending almost all the command points on him.

Take out the troops below with this scout. Make sure to do headshots.

Start with the troops closest to the enemies base camp, and work your way out.

When you've only got two command points left, select Alicia.

Run her down the trail, behind the tank, and in to the enemies base camp.

Take over that camp and you will have completed your mission.