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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough A Desert Encounter

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The right most unit only allows you to postion two troops there.

I position Alica and another scout there.

In the deployment area with Welkin in it, deploy Rosie, Largo, an engineer and another shock trooper. It's important to position Largo in the spot shown on the map, or he will get taken out by snipers. That will leave two slots open, which we will use later. Turn 1 We are going to deal with Alicia's group first. Go ahead and select the scout that is in Alicia's group.

There is a path behind them that will lead East on the map. Walk down that path.

You should come across a ramp to your left. Go down that ramp. Continue straight ahead until you see a ditch with a scout nearby.

Take out that scout. Then drop in to the ditch. There is a large wall that you should take shelter behind.

Even though you are in the ditch, you can still be hurt. There are a couple snipers on a roof near by. So stay under cover until they are taken out. Okay leave that scout here. Now select Alicia, and run her along the same path.

Before you put her in the ditch you should see a sniper standing on a nearby roof. Take him out.

Then leave her next to the scout you previously moved. Spend a command point on Rosie.

We are going to run her North East. There is a ditch in that direction.

Follow the ditch a little ways so you can take out the closest scout. That scout was standing next to a group of walls.

Have Rosie head back to the other side of the walls. Then have her crouch. Now select the other shock trooper from that group.

Run the shock trooper to the ditch, and jump in to it. He should be right next to Rosie.

You should see an enemy shock trooper here. Take him out. Then leave this shock trooper crouched in the ditch next to Rosie. Now select your engineer.

By the ditch that your two shocktroopers are in is a set of three walls. To the very north of those walls is a mine.

Have your engineer disable that mine and then run back to the ditch. Have him crouch in the ditch next to the two shock troopers. You should have at least five command points remaining. Select Alicia again.

There is a ditch that tees in to this ditch. You can use it to run a little bit closer to the building with the snipers on top of it.

There is a shock trooper on the roof of that building when he starts fireing drop in to a crouch, and fire back at him. You will not kill him but you will be close.

Now select the scout that is with Alicia. Move him next to Alicia and crouch. Use him to finish off that shock trooper.

Then run your scout in to the enemies base camp, and take it over. Watch out for the mines in here. Run this scout back to the ditch and leave him crouched in it. Now select Alicia again.

Have her climb the steps of the building and toss a grenade at the sniper there.

Then run halfway back down the stairs. That's actually the safest place to leave her. You should have to command points left. Use them to deploy an engineer and a lancer at your newly aquired base camp. Turn 2

Select your newly deployed engineer and have them clear the mines that are in your new base camp.

To the North there is a shock trooper crouching in a ditch. Have your Engineer sneek up behind him and take him out. Then follow the ditch to the North East.

There should be a ruined wall on the side of the ditch. Stay in the ditch, but leave your engineer close to that wall.

Run your lancer up to the engineer. Now select Alicia.

Have her take out the Lancer that is close to your new base camp.

Then have her run to your lancer and engineer. Have her run past them to the North East.

Running like that should bring her around the tank that is nearby. Spend another command point on Alicia.

Run her to the North where there is a small wall she can hide behind. There is probably going to be a named scout there. Have her take him out.

Now select the scout that went to the new base camp with Alicia. We are going to move him to the same spot Alicia is at. Now back to Rosie's little group. A lancer should have attacked your group on the last enemies phase. Your troops may or may not have killed him. Don't worry about that lancer that attacked you yet.

Select the shock trooper that was with Rosie.

To the North East is a shock trooper standing in the open. Take that shock trooper out. There is a wall to the North that you can hide this scout behind. Now select Rosie.

There was an enemy lancer that was standing next to the shock trooper you just took out. Go ahead and take that lancer out.

Then run Rosie to the wall that your other shock trooper is behind. Use another command point on Rosie. Have her run towards the lancer that is in the ditch.

Throw a grenade at that lancer. Then run her back to hide behind the wall. If he did not die, use your last command point on the other shock trooper behind the wall to kill the lancer. Turn 3 Select Alicia, and run her towards the enemies last base camp.

Throw a grenade at the shock trooper crouched behind the sandbags here.

Then spend another point on her to take that shock trooper out. Then run Alicia back to the wall you were previously hiding behind. Select the scout that was with Alicia.

Run this scout to the enemies base and take out the enemy sniper. Now you've got a choice. You can take over the enemies base right now and complete your mission. Or you can stick around next turn to take out the tanks. I'll continue so you can see how to take out the enemies tanks. Run this scout back to the wall he was hiding behind before.

Now select the lancer you had crouched in the ditch. Run him towards the little wall where you are hiding your two scouts. He will be pretty close to a tank as he is making his way there.

Make a slight detour to get behind that tank so you can take it out. Then continue to run him to the wall your scouts are hiding behind.

It will take quite a few command points to get him there. It took me four. Okay that leaves three command points left. Let's go back to Rosie's group. Select Rosie and have her jump in the ditch to the North. Have her take out the shock trooper in this ditch. You can use two command points to do this. There might still be one lancer by your engeneer. Spend your last command point to take him out. Turn 4

Select the lancer you have at the North of the map. Run behind the nearest tank, and have him take it out.

End his movement by taking him as close to the last tank as possible. Then select Alicia.

Have her run towards the enemy sniper that just deployed. Take him out when you get close enough.

Finish her move by running her towards the West most Shock trooper. That's the last shock tropper that has a command point. So you get an experience bonus for taking that one out.

Select your Lancer again, and have him take out the last tank. This might take one or two trys.

Select Alicia again and have her throw her grenade at that shock trooper. Use another command point on Alicia to have her finish that shock trooper off.

Select the scout that was at the wall with Alicia. Run that scout to the enemies base, and take it over. You have completed the mission.