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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Taking the Barious Highlands

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You can see this battle only have you buy Signs of Awakening from the reporter. Welkin and Alicia are already deployed at the North most deployment point.

Deploy Rosie, Largo, another shock trooper, two scouts, and a sniper at the South most deployment point. Turn 1 Select Alicia.

Have her climb both ladders in succession. Don't worry about the shock trooper to the West.

When she's at the top, she will be facing a wall. Run her to the East.

You'll be at the back of two shock troopers. Toss a grenade at one of them to destroy the sandbags they are behind.

Have Alicia hop back over the sandbag she is near. Leave her kneeled behind that sandbag. Now select your sniper.

Have her take out the scout at the top of the nearby ladder. Have her climb that ladder, and then end her turn.

Select one of your scouts have them climb the nearby ladder, and toss a grenade at the baricade at the top. Move them off to the side and end their turn. Select Rosie.

Have her climb the two ladders.

At the top you will see two shock troopers and a scout hiding behind a couple sandbags.

Toss a grenade at the shock trooper in the middle. Doing this will kill a shock trooper and the scout.

Spend an extra command point on Rosie. Have her take the last shock trooper out. Then run her East. Have her move North around the wall. Watch out for the mine that is nearby.

Select the scout you haven't moved yet. Have him climb the nearby ladder. Use him to take out the engineer that is close by. After that engineer is gone, climb the second ladder. Leave this scout by Rosie. You should have four points left.

We are going to power our way in with Rosie. There are three shock troopers between Rosie and their base.

Have Rosie target and take down the first shock trooper. Then run her as close to the base as you can.

Spend another command point on Rosie, and have her take out the next shock trooper. Once again run her as close to the base as you can, and then end her turn.

Spend another point on Rosie. Have her take out the last shock trooper.

Then have her capture that base.