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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Escape from Forest Snare

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You start this mission with Welkin who is on foot, and Alicia who has a sore ancle. Alicia moves very slow and can not move very far. Turn 1

Select Alicia. Run to the right. If you watch the right wall closely, there will be an animal trail that you can travel that will take you around the morter fire.

The animal trail is marked by what looks like fireflies.

When you see the animal trail, you will also see a scout. Take a couple shots at the scout.

Have Alicia stop at a plant that you find in the path. You will have to use two command points on her to get her there. Now move Welkin to the spot where Alicia is.

You will see that you can view an event here. Go ahead and view it. Now Alicia will be able to walk farther than before.

Run Welkin ahead to the bridge.

There is a scout to your left. Go ahead and take him out. Turn 2 Select Welkin, and run him across the bridge.

There is a spot light at the end of the bridge. I purposely walk in to the spot light at the end of the bridge with Welkin. When you do this the spot light will stop roaming, and you will know exactly where the morter will fire. Move Welkin along the trail to the left.

You will eventually come to a meadow with a scout hiding in it. Toss a grenade at him, to take him down a notch.

Then continue on to the second patch of grass along the trail. Make sure to avoid this spot light.

Use the remaining two command points on Alicia to move her as close to Welkin as she can get. Turn 3 Select Alicia.

Move her up to where the scout is, and have her take him out. There is another spot light roaming here.

Hide Alicia in the grass here, until it passes. Then have her go to the North East.

You will see another plant along this trail. Stop Alicia at that plant. Save it here.

Now move Welkin to her. Make sure to avoid the spot light by hiding in the grass again. When Welkin reaches Alicia view the event that is there.

Further down the trail is a shock trooper and a scout. The shock trooper is really tough, and it is impossible to get close enough to kill them with a grenade. You have to take them out to get Alicia through. Hide in the grass and spend two command points to take down that shock trooper.

It's possible just really really hard. You might have to load a couple of times to do this correctly.

When the shock trooper is dead, move Welkin to the right in the grass. You will find another game trail here, that leads to another plant for Alicia.

End Welkins turn at that plant. Don't worry about the scout that was with the named shock trooper. Turn 4 Select Alicia.

Move her to Welkin using the game trail. If you see the scout on the way, you can take him out.

Stop Alicia next to Welkin and the plant. Switch to Welkin and view the event.

Then have Welkin move to the gold flag on the map.

Select Alicia again and have her move to Welkin. Turn 5 You might need an extra turn to move Alicia to Welkin. It will really be close.