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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Kidnapping of Cordelia

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In this mission your goal is to stop an armored car from running away with the princess.

I start this mission out by positioning Rosie at the North most deployment point. Largo and Alicia go in the center deployment point. Put two more scouts at the South most deployment points. Turn 1 Select Welkin and move him directly East.

He will end up blocking an alley way here. Now Select Rosie.

Run her directly North. There is an enemy scout and an enemy lancer here.

Take out the scout. Run North and then around the corner to the East.

Spend another point on Rosie, and have her take out the lancer. Then continue her run to the East. Select your East most scout.

Run this scout directly West.

You will see a sniper on top of one of the buildings here. Take him down.

Then head to the South as far as you can go. Save the remaining command points. Turn 2 It's important to note which way the armored car goes. You need to block it with your tank and then force it to go down whatever alley Rosie is at.

Select Welkin. Have him take out any enemy troops that are close to him. Then move him to block the armored car.

We are going to do this until the armored car goes down the alley that Rosie will be waiting in.

Select Rosie. Run her East. Have her take the first alley she comes to that is to the South. Hide behind the crates here, and wait for the armored car to come through. Save as many command points as you can while you are waiting for the armored car. Turn 3 The armored car should drive past Rosie next turn. Unless it reversed it's direction as you were blocking it with Welkin's tank. It might take a little longer to get the armored car to Rosie if it reversed it's direction.

There are a bunch of enemy troops that appear on the map at this point. There are six of them to the south and at least two of them to the North close to Rosie. Don't worry about the two to the North, but have your bottom most scouts take out four of the enemy to the South.

They will be grouped in pairs of one shock trooper and one scout.

Take out the shock troppers first and then follow up by taking out the scouts.

You should be able to do this with four command points. Turn 4

The armored car will drive past Rosie. You should have about ten command points total in this turn.

Run up behind the armored car and blast away at the blue radiator in the back. Spend all your command points doing this if you have to.

When the armored car is taken down your mission will end.