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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Desert Duel with Maximilian

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This battle is pretty tough. Your troops will be divided in to two squads. In the top squad I put Largo, an engineer, and another Lancer. In the bottom squad I put Alicia, Rosie, two Lancers, and an engineer. It's important to put Alicia and Rosie in two of the slots closest to the bottom, or south most, of your screen. Turn 1 Select Rosie.

Behind her there is a ramp that leads up the hill. Run her up that ramp.

At the top of the ramp turn to the right, you will see a sniper waiting there. Take him out.

There is a ditch nearby crouch in that ditch and end Rosie's turn. Now move Alicia up the ramp.

There are a whole bunch of enemies close to the top of the ramp. Shoot at one of them out without getting too close to them.

Hopefully you kill one of them. Run Alicia to the base that is South East. The only reason to have her here is for her command point.

Now select the lancer you deployed in the base and have him towards the big tank, and fire at it's front turret.

Run him to the ditch that Alicia and Rosie were in. Select the other lancer you put in to that group.

Have him run out and fire at the front turret of the tank. Then crouch him in the ditch he started in.

Select the engineer and have them run to the ditch that Rosie and Alicia were in. Crouch her there. Now select Welkin. Move him towards your closest base.

Target the turret on the front of the big tank and shoot at it.

Roll through that base and to the South.

Select Largo and have him fire at it. Sometimes your shots miss the turret, so there is no exact number of shots needed to take one down. It took me four shots to take down the front turret but it only requires three hits to take it down. The front turret should be gone by now. Save your remaining command points. Turn 2

Rosie will end up taking quite a few troops out on the computer's turn.

I spent six points on the two lancers in Alicia's group and had them take out the two turrets on the left side of the large tank.

It's important to have them in place the previous turn, so you can target without moving first.

After you shoot end the turn as quickly as you can, so you lancers do not take extra shots.

Select Rosie, and have her take out one of the troopers that is close to her. Be sure to leave her crouched in the ditch at the top of the ramp. If there are no enemies left, you can run her to the South East base.

Select Welkin and move his tank through your second base. Have him then turn left and start up the hill.

Fire a shot at the blue rock behind him to make it fall. Spend the remain points on the lancers in Largo's group.

Try to have them take out at least one gun on the right side of the large tank. There should be two guns left. Turn 3

I spent six points on Largo and the lancer that is with him, so I could take out the remaining guns on that tank.

You probably need to select the engineer in that group to have him run by the lancers to give them some more ammo. If one of your engineers goes down it's no big deal.

You only need one once the tanks guns have been taken out. Select the other engineer and have them run ammo as well.

The enemies at the top of the hill should now all be dead.

Take Rosie and move her to the South East base.

Pick one of your lancers and move them directly South. Make one of the blue rock walls fall by shooting it. We are eventually going to want all your on the south of the map. Turn 4

Select Largo have him climb up the back of the tank and take two shots at the radiator there.

Have him climb off of the side of the tank and run to the south. The key with these radiators is to get shots in to each of them, and then take one down every time they appear. When you take one out they all sink back in to the tank.

Select the lancer that was with Largo, and have them climb up the back of the tank. Have them put another shot in to that radiator.

Put another point in to this lancer, and have them climb up the South facing side of the tank. Put a shot in to this radiator.

Climb off of the tank and run South.

Select the other lancer that is close to the tank. Have them climb up and put three shots in to that radiator. Then have them move to Largo and the other lancer.

Select your engineer, and have them run over to the lancers to refill their ammo.

Select Welkin and have him roll up the hill.

Turn him so that he fires another shot in to the last standing blue wall. Turn 5. There is really nothing you can do to the tank at this time. Move Welkin forward and to the left.

There will be a group of enemies that appear to the North East. It's nice to have Welkin here to take them out when they show up.

Move three of your lancers South along with your engineer. Move the remaing lancer to the West, so they will be on the West side of the big tank.

Make sure that Rosie gets to the command base to the South East. This turn is entirely about moving your troops. Turn 6

Select the lancer that is still near the tank.

Have them put three shots in to the radiator that is not hurt.

Move the other lancers that haven't made it yet to the trench that is to the south. Do not destory any radiators this turn. Turn 7 Once again we are waiting for the tank to get in to position.

Move the lancer that shot at the last radiator south to the others. Turn 8

Wait for the tank to shoot again. Save your command points. Turn 9

Okay, the tank shot. Now it's time to go up and destory the radiator in the rear of the tank.

Take one of your lancers up to destroy the radiator in the rear of the tank.

Doing that will cause the bad ass girl to appear, with a bunch of her troops. When the generator has been destroyed run to the south towards the ditch your troops are in.

Then select Welkin, and have him start to destory the enemy that the girl brought with her. We are basically waiting for the tank to shoot again. Turn 10

Welkin should have taken out all of the support troops as they were running towards his tank. Now that they are all gone move back towards the South East base and end his turn.

Move the lancer that took out the last radiator to the ditch to the South. Have that lancer crouch in side of the ditch. Turn 11 We are waiting for the tank to shoot again.... I did nothing this turn. Turn 12

Okay finally the tank has fired again.

Run up and take out it's last generator. This will make the tank vulnerable.

Now sit back in your trench and fire rocket after rocket at that tank.

Eventually it will die. If you run out of ammo, use your engineer to give your troops some more of it.