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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Liberation of Fouzen

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This mission has large streaches of open area, rail carts, and lifts that will move troops from one level to another.

Deploy Largo, another lancer, Alicia, two more scouts, an engineer, and Rosie as shown above. Turn 1 Run Alicia across the bridge.

There is a shock trooper at the end of the bridge. Have Alicia toss a grenade at him, and then run by him as far as she can. Now select your other scout.

Have your scout run up and take out the shock trooper at the end of the bridge. Have him run as far down the road as he can.

Select your last scout. Have them launch a grenade at the things sitting on the ramp to the little cart.

Select Largo and move him forward twice. We are going to have Largo ride the rail cart.

Move your other lancer forward once.

Select your engineer and run him forward as far as he can go. Don't worry about disarming the mines on the bridge.

Move Welkin to the North East. There are several doors here. You can't use them yet, but you will be able to eventually. Turn 2 Select Largo.

Run him up to the cart and have him ride it.

Now you should see a big set of doors with a little switch panel next to them. Largo needs to hit that switch panel and then ride the lift down to the floor level. You will have to burn a second command point to do that.

Have him bring up his targeting radical right away. Then have him take out the tank that is nearby.

Have him ride the elevator back up and hop back on the rail cart.

Now select the other lancer in the group. Move that lancer forward twice. Now select Alicia.

Have her run past the enemy lancer that is behind the sandbags.

There is an enemy shock trooper close to the lift Largo used. Have her take that shock trooper out. Continue running her forwad past the lift Largo came down.

There's a base camp at the end of this road. Spend another point on Alicia.

Have her toss a grenade at the shock trooper hidden behind the sandbags. Then run her back towards the lift. I think she can get there. Have her ride the lift to the top. Grenading the shock trooper is much easier if you have rifle grenade which you get at scout level 10. End her turn.

Now select scout two. Have him ride the cart Largo just got off of. Then have him ride the lift to ground level. He needs to run to the enemies base to the North.

Have him take out the shock trooper defending the base camp. Now spend another point on this scout. Have him take over the base camp.

There is a small wooden bridge next to that base camp. Throw a grenade out on the middle of the bridge to blow it up. That will prevent troops from coming across that bridge. Have this scout retreat. Now select scout three.

Have scout three take out the lancer that was hiding behind the sandbags.

I suggest throwing a grenade at him to get him out of cover, and then using another command point to take him down. Now move your engineer forward once. Turn 3

Run your closest lancer towards the tank on the bridge. You don't have to worry about machine gun fire until you get behind the tank.

If you spend three points on the lancer that is closest to that tank, you should be able to get behind it. It has machine guns on the back of the tank, so be sure to bring up your target radical as soon as you get behind it.

Blow that tank up! Then spend two points on a scout that is by that bridge. Have them run across the bridge.

There is a shock trooper behind the North most building. Taking him out will make this area a lot easier. Now select Alicia.

Run her across the same bridge. There is a lancer hiding behind some sandbags here. Have her launch a grenade at him. Spend another point on Alicia and have her finish taking out that lancer. Now run her to the control panel for the lift that takes you to your starting base. Have her switch that lift on. Then ride the lift to the top.

Now select Welkin. Have him ride the lift to the bottom. There is a scout out in the open that he can take out. Move to the lift to the North. Have him wait there. Select Rosie.

Have her ride the lift down, and take out the shock trooper that is hiding near the bottom of the lift to the West. Then run towards the lift to the North.

Now select your Engineer. Have him run towards the lift to the North. That should be all the command points you have to spend this turn. Turn 4

Select your engineer, and have him ride the North lift to the top. Have him dismantle the two mines at the top of the lift, and then hide him behind the sandbags nearby.

Now select your scout. Have them ride the North lift to the top. Crouch them behind the sandbags with the engineer.

There are two lancers hiding behind sandbags up here. If you have rifle grenades, launch a grenade at them to remove their cover.

Select Rosie, and have her ride the North lift to the top.

Select Alicia, and have her ride the North lift to the top. Run her to the sandbags.

Select Welkin, and have him ride the North lift to the top. Have him roll forward and point him at the tank and the lancers. We will take out everything next turn. Turn 5

Move Welkin forward until he has a clear shot at the medium tank's power radiator. Take it out.

Spend two more command points on Welkin. Have him take out the shock trooper that is hiding behind the sandbags. If you need to, spend an addional two points on Welkin to get that guy taken out.

Select your scout with the most health, and move them behind the buildings toward where Welkin is. It's important to move behind the buildings so the death train doesn't take you out.

Capture the base with this scout, and have them take out the enemy scout. Now select your other scout.

Have them move up to the scout you previously moved. Have them heal the scout you previously moved. Now select the scout you moved first.

To the North is another lift. You are going to activate the lift, and then ride it to the bottom. At the bottom of the lift to go the North West.

If you look towards the bottom of the railroad supports, you will see the bomb. Shoot the bomb to end the mission. -Notes- There is another rail cart near your starting base. Ride the first lift down from your starting base. Then walk north and around to the right. You will see it there. If you ride it, you will see a named enemy that will give you a weapon when he is killed. He is pretty tough to kill. You will end up spending quite a few command points to kill him. If you dont mind getting a B on this mission, go ahead and take him out for the weapon.