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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough West Bank of Vasel City

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The positioning units section of this map is divided in to two areas.

I like to put another scout in the unit on the right hand side of the page. This unit is going to have to move quick and far, that is best done with scouts.

The left hand unit is going to be under attack. I like to have three shock troopers and two lancers in that unit. Now that we've got those setup let's go ahead and deploy. Turn 1

Let's start with the action on the right hand side. There are two scouts taking cover behind group of sandbags, and another scout hiding in the grass close to the river.

Run one of your scouts so you can toss a grenade between the two scouts taking cover behind the sandbags. Make sure the grenade gets to the other side of the sandbags.

After they are both dead, move your scout up the ramp and in to the alley way to the left.

Pick your other scout from that group. Run that scout up to the guy hiding in the grass.

Toss another grenade to take care of him. Then move your scout up in to the alley way behind the first scout.

Pick your shock trooper. Move them towards the ramp. I actually hide the shocktrooper int he grass near the base of the ramp.

Make sure they are looking up the ramp.

Select one of the scouts you previously moved for a second move. Continue your scout down the alleyway. At the end of the alleyway you will see a ladder that leads to the roof of the building.

Climb the ladder and take out the shock trooper on the roof. Okay now it's time to switch to the other base camp.

Go ahead and switch to a shocktrooper. Run the shock trooper up the alley way on the left.

You will see a scout to take out there. Take out the scout and hide them around a corner for a bit.

Then switch to another shock trooper. Run this shock trooper to the crates that are by the left wall there looking down the alley way. The crates will offer a little bit of cover.

Switch to your last shock trooper. Run him to the alley way to the right. There is a scout here you can take out.

Then have him stand behind the crates that are close by. Place him so he is looking down the alley way where enemy are likely to come from.

Okay this building is kind of U shaped. A tank will bust right through the center of this building.

So position your lancers towards the corners of the building, close to where your shock troopers are. You can look at the following image to get a better idea of how to place your troops.

Turn 2 Let's start with the right team. Run your other scout over the ladder and climb up to the roof of the building.

Start taking out troops on the ground.

Do this with both of the scouts that are on top of the building.

Run your shock trooper to the top of the ramp and take out the enemy shock trooper that was at the top.

Move Welkin up the ramp.

Select the shock trooper that is guarding the Eastern side of the Western camp.

Run him down the alley, and have him take out the scout behind the sandbags. Turn 3

The tank just broke through the wall. Take one of your lancers and walk behind the tank.

Target the blue glowing thing on the back of it and blow it up. Then run your lancer forward and take cover if you can.

Move your shock troopers from the left hand side forward taking out troops as you go.

Select Alicia on top of the building, and have her throw a grenade at the troops hiding behind the sandbags to the North.

Select another one of your shock troopers, and have them take out the enemy shock trooper defending the enemies base.

Spend another command point on this shock trooper. Have them move up and crouch behind the sandbags. Then take out the remaining enemy at that base.

Select one of your lancers. Have them run up behind the tank and take it out.

Now select your shock trooper and have them take over the base. When you have taken the base this mission will be over.