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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Showdown at Naggiar 2

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Half way through this battle, more troops will appear. The first part of the battle is really simple.

Welkin, Zaka, Rosie, and Largo are already deployed. Deploy an extra scout and an extra shock trooper. Turn 1 Alicia is going to do most of the work here, and you can not control her. Select Welkin.

Have him fire a morter at the baricades to the North East. He can now roll through that area. Have him turn South East.

We want him in the South Eastern corner in two turns. Spend an extra two command points on Welkin. Have him keep rolling South East. Now select Zaka's Shamrock.

Roll him to the North. Do not take out the Heavy AT Gun. Spend two more points on Zaka's shamrock.

Have him move as far North as he can go. Shoot a morter at Sima the Elder in the nearby pit.

Try to get him as far away from that bunker as possible. Select your scout.

Have him run up behind Sima the Elder and take him out. Select Rosie.

Have her run North and then to the East. Make for the sand bags. Do the same with your other shock trooper. Turn 2 Select your scout.

Have them run up and take over the enemies base. You will get a cut scene and a whole bunch of enemies will appear on the map.

Run your scout to the East. Leave her behind the sandbags facing West. Now we are going to spend some points on Welkin.

Move him forward behind the tank the appeared to the South. Target it's blue radiator.

Shoot it twice and it will go down. I know that two question marks show up on how many shots it will take to take it down. That doesn't matter, a shot from Welkins cannon will do half damage to it. It should take a total of four command points to take that tank down.

Once that tank is gone, move Welkin North.

However you move Welkin, make sure he is facing the enemy troops, with none to his back at the end of his move.

Select your two shock troopers that are close to Welkin. Have them take cover behind the sandbags. Now select Zaka's Shamrock.

Move it to the East and then to the North. Select Zaka again, and move it North again around the edge of the pit.

Stay away from the very edge or a lancer will take out your tank treads. Turn 3

This turn is all about Zaka's Shamrock.

Move him behind the other tank and shoot it's radiator three times.