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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Diverting the Marmota

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This mission requires speed of movement, and very few troops.

Welkin and Zaka are already deployed. Deploy Alicia and one engineer. Turn 1

There are ragnite boxes lining the canyon. If you shoot them it will slow down the battleship that is behind you. There are also two boxes at the forks in the road. You have to shoot the ragnite boxes that are at the forks in the road. The others you do not have to shoot. Shooting an unnessasry ragnite box lowers your mission score by one.

Move Alicia South East until she runs out of movement. When the road forks we want to go left.

Launch a rocket grenade at the shock trooper that is hiding behind the wall.

Move the engineer up towards Alicia. Now select Zaka's tank.

Move him South as far as he can go.

There are a couple ragnite boxes in the middle of the fork of the road. Have him shoot them.

Select Welkin, move him forward twice.

Have Welkin fire a morter at the shock trooper that Alicia previously fired a rifle grenade at. Turn 2 Select your engineer. Run her South and to the West.

We are coming up to a mine covered area. We are going to need her to clear the path for the tanks. You should be just about in to the mine field when she runs out of movement.

Select Welkin, and have him roll forward as far as he can go.

Select Zaka, and move him forward as well.

Select Alicia, have her run to the West.

Have her shoot the other pile of ragnite boxes that are on the opposite side of the canyon.

Have Alicia run back towards your engineer. She should end her turn somewhere close to the entrance to the mine covered area.

Now spend another point on your engineer. Have her start clearing the mines for the tanks. You don't have to clear every mine. Just clear the ones you need to clear to get to the larger tank mines. Save your last command point. Turn 3

Select your engineer. Have her keep clearing all the larger tank mines.

About halfway down the road you will see a shock trooper. Take him out, and then continue clearing mines.

End your engineers turn behind the southern wall. There is a named sniper further down the road, so keep your troops behind the wall or behind a tank.

Select Zaka, and have him roll down the road as far as he can. Don't worry about the small mines. They will not hurt a tank.

Select him again, and have him move further down the road.

Now select Welkin, and have him move forward down the road.

Select Alicia and have her do the same. Be sure to avoid all the mines with Alicia, and to leave her behind the southern wall. Turn 4 Unfortunately I don't have screenshots for a couple of turns. Move Zaka down the road twice. Do the same with Welkin. Select Alicia and move her out behind Zaka. Turn 5 Select Zaka. Have him roll down the road.

You will see three enemies standing at the end of the road. Lanch a morter to take out the shock trooper down here. Then continue rolling down the road until you can go no farther. Select Alicia. Run her up to the enemy lancer. Have her take that lancer out. Then run to the East.

Around the middle of the Y is a ragnite crate. There is another one on the opposite side of the canyon. Now select Welkin.

Roll him forward twice. Have him launch a morter at the named sniper.

Spend your last command point on your engineer. Have her run up behind Welkin. Turn 6

Select Welkin and roll him forward to Zaka. Have Welkin fire a shell at the named enemy sniper.

Select your Engineer and move her forward to Welkin and Zaka. Have her take out the sniper that may still be there. Now spend a point on Alicia.

Have her shoot the ragnite boxes across the way.

Spend another point on her to shoot the ragnite boxes she is next to. Move Alicia to Welkin and Zaka. Turn 7 We just wait around this turn. So go ahead and end the turn.