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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Marmotas End

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This is the last big battle in the game.

Deploy Alicia at the North most deployment point. Deploy Largo and two other lancers in the middle of the group. At the very South West position deploy Rosie. In the last postion to the West deploy an engineer. At the very South East postion deploy a sniper. At the last open postion deploy another engineer. Turn 1 Select your sniper.

Run him to the sandbags in the base and have him crouch there.

Then have him take out the lancer to the East.

Spend another point on your sniper. Have him take out the lancer to the West. Select Welkin.

Have him use a morter to take out the sniper to the West.

Then roll him back towards your base as far as possible. Select Rosie.

Run her North West to the sandbags that are there. Have her crouch behind them.

We are going to spend four of our command points on our lancers.

Have them put their four shells in to an anti-tank turret. You should be able to take out one with those shots.

Put the one remaining command point in to another one of your lancers. Have them put one shell in to one of the gatling turrets. Turn 2

Select Largo and have him put a shot in to the remaining anti-tank turret.

Select one of your other lancers, and have him finish off the last anti-tank turret with three more shots. Now it's time to focus on the gatling turrets.

Select another one of your lancers, and have him put two shots in to the damaged gatling turret. We should only have two more gatling turrets to go before clearing this side. I somehow got lucky and took the turret out with one shot instead of two. Select Rosie and have her take out one of the nearby enemy shock troopers. If there are any enemy near her. She took them out for me on the computers turn.

Now select your sniper and have him take out the lancer that is to the West.

Spend another point on him to have him take out the shock trooper that is on the Marmota. He is close to the front of it.

Select your engineer and have them run up to Largo and the other lancer that is close to him. Turn 3 Select your lancer that is close to Largo.

Shoot the hole in the side of the Marmota. You will get a small cut scene about being able to climb up the side of the Marmota.

Now run your lancer up to the side of the Marmota, and have him climb the ramp there. Climb up a ladder and when he can go no farther end his turn. Spend another command point on him. Have him climb the second ladder.

Move a little ways from the ladder, so another one of your troops can climb up it. Select Alicia.

Have her climb up the side of the Marmota. There are two ladders she has to go up, and then she will be at the top.

Have her take out the shock trooper that is up there. Have her run as far down this ramp as she possibly can.

She will be safe there. Now select Largo, and bring him up the ramp.

Spend an extra command point on Largo, and move him on the main bridge of the Marmota.

If you look up, you will see a couple radiators you can shoot. Take one of them out.

Now select your closest engineer. Have her climb up to Largo and the other lancer on top of the Marmota. Have her heal them and refill their ammo.

Run her to Alicia or to the ladder to climbed to get up here. You should have three points left to spend. You can spend them on Rosie, if there are enemy shock troopers to kill near her. Otherwise, save them. Turn 4

Select your sniper and have him take out the enemy lancer that spawned to the West.

Spend an extra point on your sniper and have him take out the nearby enemy sniper. Run him back behind the sandbags and crouch him there when he is done. Now select Largo.

Have him run over and take out the other heat sink. Now that the lance is unshielded we can start using our two lancers up top to take it down.

Spend five points on your two lancers having them fire their lances at the huge lance.

Then select your engineer that is on the marmosa. Have them heal whichever of your lancers that is hurt, and refill their ammo. Spend two points on your engineer doing this. Turn 5

Select your sniper, and have him take out the enemy lancer that just appeared.

Spend three points on Largo, and three points on the lancer that is with him.

Have them target and fire their lances at the giant lance.

Spend the remaining two points on your engineer having her heal and fill the lancers ammo. Turn 6

Spend another six points on Largo and the other lancer that is at the top of the Marmota. Those shots should take that huge lance out.