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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Selvarias Last Stand

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This is a very large mission, where your troops will usually be moving under fire. So stay under cover as often as you can, which will be rarely.

Zaka and Welkin are already deployed. Deploy Rosie, Alicia, Largo, another lancer and one extra shock trooper. Make sure Rosie, Largo, and Alicia are on the left. The extra shock trooper and lancer should be on the right. Turn 1

Select Welkin. Move him so his back faces the heavy machine gun.

Fire a morter at the shock trooper behind the sandbags nearby.

Now select Largo. Run him toward the heavy machine gun. Stay right next to Welkin so that you don't get hit by Selvaria. Have Largo take that machine gun out.

Then run him North between the buildings. Spend an extra command point on him moving north between the buildings.

Take a shot at the tanks treads as you are moving along. Select your other lancer. Move him North East.

Go between the buildings so you can get behind the nearby tank.

If you do this just right you will be able to take out the tank right away.

Spend another point moving your lancer. Have him move up the stairs to the first platform. Leave him on the flat part, so he can't be hit by sniper fire.

Select your East most shock trooper. Run them to your lancer on the stairs.

Select Rosie. Move her North West. Climb the stairs there, and leave her on the first platform.

Select Alicia. Move her to the first platform on the stairs with Rosie. Turn 2 Okay, here comes the hard part. Select Rosie, and run her up the steps.

Take out the shock trooper on her way. Keep running her up the steps until she gets to the top. Then run her South West. Spend another command point on her.

Take out the sniper, and continue South West. We want her to get to flip the button so Welkin can come up the lift.

It will take three command points to do this.

Use your flame thrower to take out the shock trooper behind the sandbags. Flip the switch to turn the lift on. Then leave her crouched behind those same sandbags.

Now it's time to do it on the other side. Select your shock trooper that is to the East. Run her up the steps.

Take out the shock trooper on the way. Keep going up the steps until you are at the top. Then go South East until you are out of movment.

Now select your East most lancer. Run him up the steps then to the South East.

Spend another command point on him, and have him take the heavy machine gun down. Your lancer is probably going to go down here.

Now select your East most shock trooper again. Have her take out the sniper in the way, and run her as far as she can run until she can trigger the button to the South East.

Spend another command point on her and run her down the steps towards the enemies base flag. That will have made a total of four command points spent on her durring her run.

Select Welkin, and have him move up the other lift. Roll over the sandbags the enemy lancer is hiding behind.

Select Alicia, run her down and then up the lift Welkin went up.

Have her take out the lancer that is near Welkin.

Then have her capture the enemy base that is here.

Now select Largo. Have him run behind the enemy tank, and take it out.

Now select Zaka and have him move up the closest lift. Have him roll South and then to the East. Turn 3 Select the shock trooper that is to the East. Have her capture the enemy base.

Then bring her around the back side of the tower to take out the sniper there.

Now select Zaka. Have him roll up the steps and then turn him North West. Have him roll forward and take out the heavy machine gun.

Keep rolling him forward until he can get behind the tank that is to the North.

Take that tank out. Now Select Welkin.

Spend six command points on him moving him to the South West. We are going to try to get him around the corner next turn.

Spend your last two command points summong scouts to the newly captured East base. Turn 4

Select your two newly summoned scouts and have them run towards Zaka. That should take four command points.

Use one of those scouts to capture the enemy base.

Select Welkin. Have him move up the ramp and then to the North.

Run him past the tank destoryer to the North. I used six command points to do this.

Then tank that destoryer out. Just keep shooting him. Three shots from Welkin will take him down.

Select Rosie and run her to the enemy base to the North. Have her take out the enemy scout along the way. Now select Alicia.

Run her around the tower and up the steps. Run her to the enemies camp.

Take out the lancer there, and then have her take over the camp. Turn 5 Select Zaka. Roll up to the North.

Watch out for the mines. There will be two mines, but you can avoid them if you are careful. When you are on top of the upper balcony, start moving West.

Launch a morter at the snipers at the top. Then roll past them as always be very careful of mines.

Now shoot the Tank Destoryer to take it out.

Roll Zaka down the ramp so he is facing Selvaria. As long as your tank is facing her she will not move.

Select one of your scouts. Run her towards the North West balcony. When she can stop her to launch a rifle grenade at the lancer cowering behind the sandbags. Then continue running to the West.

Run down the stairs to the left.

Capture the enemies base, and then hide behind the sandbags.

Select the other one of your Eastern scouts. Have him take out the lancer that was previously hiding behind the sandbags. Selvaria should be all alone without reinforcements.

Now select Welkin. Have him roll up on to the same upper balcony that Zaka is on. Have him face Zaka. Turn 6

We are going to back Zaka up and have him open a little gap Selvaria can get away through. Our goal is to make it so we can get a scout directly behind her. Move Welkin a little forward.

We need her to move, so she doesn't have her back to a wall, but we still want to have her boxed in.

Move Rosie up behind Welkin.

Then move Alicia up as well. Turn 7

When Selvaria has moved out of cover, move one of your tanks up to her.

Then have any one of your troops approach her back side and shoot her in the back of the head. She'll turn away from your tank, and attack whoever shot her.

Then have your tanks machine gun hit her in the back of the head. That will complete the mission.