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Valkyria Chronicles Walkthrough Bearching Jaegers Blockade

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This battle is really tough. In this battle the enemies will not move the say way every time, so you will have to adjust acordingly. Welkin and Zaka will already be deployed.

In the West most group deploy Rosie, and another shock trooper.

In the North most group deploy Alicia.

In the last group deploy Largo. Turn 1 Select Welkin.

Roll him to the West. You will see an enemy base along with a tank to the North. We are going to get behind that tank this turn. So head towards the front of it.

You will see a shock trooper kneeling by a sandbag behind the tank. Lanuch a morter at that shock trooper.

Spend an addional point on Welkin. Have him crush the two sandbags in front of him as he rolls North.

Get him behind that tank and take it out. Have him face South so his radiator is not exposed. Select Alicia and run her West.

Have her take out the shock trooper that is left at the enemies base. These guys hit really hard so be careful. Capture the enemies base, then run her to Welkin. Now select Largo.

There is a ladder pretty near where he is.

Have him climb up the building and move to the North West.

Have him take out the heavy AT cannon across the street. Hide him behind the nearby wall so the snipers don't get him.

Select Rosie and run her to the North West. Have her hide behind the sandbags there.

Select the shock trooper that was with her. Move him to Rosie, and have him crouch behind the sandbags as well.

Select Alicia again. Climb up the ladder and take out the sniper that is on the roof.

Then run her back behind Welkin's tank. She'll be safe there. Turn 2 Select Rosie.

Have her run in to the enemies camp that is just to the West. The whole camp is covered in smoke.

Lucky for you, it means the enemy will not shoot at you as you position yourself. There is a shock trooper standing right in the middle and a heavy AT gun North of center.

Stand slightly south of the trooper in the middle and use your flame thrower to take both of them out. Then crouch Rosie behind some of the nearby sandbags.

Now select the shock trooper that was with Rosie. Run him in to the camp as well.

Have him take out the scout on the West side of the camp, and then capture the camp. Hide him behind some sandbags in the camp.

Select Alicia. Have her climb on top of the bulding, and take out the lancer waiting up there. Then run her back to Welkin. Select Largo.

Have him climb off of the building and run to the West.

Spend another command point on him, having him run Westward. Deploy one lancer and two addtional shock troopers at your newly captured base. Turn 3

Jaegar just covered the South West base with smoke. Let's take over that one now. Select one of your shock troopers that is closest to that base.

Spout some flame over the enemy shock trooper that is crouching behind the sandbags to the North.

Spend another point on this shock trooper. Run them toward the middle of the smoke. There is a scout crouched behind sandbags to the South. Take him out with your flame thrower.

Spend one more point on this shock trooper. Finish off the shock trooper you previously flamed.

Select another shock trooper from your base to the North. Run him to the middle of the smoke. There is an enemy slightly to the North of this bases flag. Take him out.

Select Largo. Have him run towards your newly caputered base, and then to the South. Spend another command point on him.

When you go out in to the street to the South you will see the back end of a tank. Take that tank out.

Then run Largo to the West. Have him crouch behind the sandbags there.

Select one of your recently deployed shock troopers. Run them to the North and around the pile of rubble there.

Select Rosie and move her up to the shock trooper you just moved.

Move the lancer you recently deployed to Rosie and your other shock trooper. Turn 4 Select Alicia.

There is a lancer that is running towards your base. We need to have her take him out.

Go directly South and you should run in to that lancer. Okay Jaegar smoked the last base. It's time to take it out. There are usually a lot of troops in this base. So you are going to have to adjust acordingly.

Select your shock trooper that is with Rosie and have her go in to the base. Try to find the enemy shock trooper that crouched next to the sandbags.

Use your flame thrower to take him out. Then move out of the way. Select Rosie.

I found three enemies near the flag in the center of the base. I spent two command points on Rosie and her flame thrower to take them down.

Now select the lancer that is near Rosie. Run him West, until you can get behind the tank there and take it out.

The smoke will help, but this is still pretty hard to do. Taking out that tank will take two command points and one shell.

Select one of your shock trooper that is at the base to the South. Have them retreat. Deploy a lancer and an engineer at your North most base. Turn 5

Select your shock trooper at your North most base. Have them take out the last enemy shock trooper. The only thing you should have left is Jaegars tank. Now have your shock trooper retreat.

Select Rosie, and move her way back out of harms way. Select one of your lancers at your North most base.

Spend three command points on them having them empty their lances in to Jaegar's tank.

Do the same with your newly deployed lancer.

Then select your engineer. Have them run by both lancers, refilling their ammo. Turn 6

Select your West most lancer. Have them dump their three shots into Jaegar's tank.

You should be getting close to having it's armor off.

Once it's armor is off, run up behind it and shoot two lances in to it's radiator to finish it off.