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Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough The Scourge Campaign: Chapter 8

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The last and hardest mission in the game. You still able to use both heroes and same units as before.

Firstly, clear this area and set up your base here.

While the base still in progress, quickly go to the Alliance base with all your units except workers to clear this area. Sounds impossible? Actually, no. You can clear the area and set up another base here.

When the red team no longer in map, set up another base here just in case the first one destroyed.

Try to make the hereos especially Arthas to stay alive every time you fight with enemy group.

Enemy units will keep sending reinforcements. The longer you play this mission, the bigger and stronger enemy reinforcement will be. So act quick.

Can't handle all the strong enemies? Then make a tower here. Many many towers here. :P

If the mission too hard for you, don't load the game but wait until you lose by the computer. From there, select reduced difficulty. Keep doing the same until itbecomes so much easier. [END OF CHAPTER 8]