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Prologue starts with giving you the basic instructions for how to play this game. Now Year Walk was originally a game for the iOS, hence it is supposed to be played with a touch panel. This guide is for the Steam version of the game so the lack of the touch panel meant that a couple of this have been changed with this version.

When you get a hang for the controls head towards the left side of your house. The game will automatically limit you at the left side at which point go forward by pressing W.

From there, keep going left until you find a stack of chopped wood and head forward towards it.

Still keep going towards the left and go down once you see a part of a wooden wheel near the bottom of the screen.

After going down keep heading left and you'll find a small campsite where there's a pot hanging from branches, go forward twice here and you'll see a small hill with a wooden sign beside it.

Now head a little bit more to the left to find some broken pieces of what seems to have been a fence and go forward past it.

Once again keep heading left and you'll find that you're no longer able to head in that direction, look at the background and you'll find a windmill in the distance, continue by going forward.

Then go left one more time and press forward to enter the windmill.

Inside you'll find a young girl with red hair. Click on her with your mouse to start a conversation. After speaking to her, exit the windmill and head back to your cottage the same way you came. You can always consult the map if you get lost.

Once you're back in your cottage a omnious black screen will keep you stuck there. Sway your mouse across the screen and you'll find that some parts glow white.

Click on every part of the stick in order to reveal the title of the game. Only then will you be allowed to proceed to the next part.

The Huldra

Now the game officially starts. When you wake up (or so I think you went to sleep) you'll find yourself back in the woods in front of your cottage, but it's night time now.

From your cottage, make your way towards the campsite that you passed through during the prologue. This time you'll find a black tree near it. Do yourself a favor and grab a pen and some paper, then draw those symbols on the tree.

Once you've done that, head forward and to the left until you once again find the broken fence and head forward to get past it.

This time you won't be heading to the windmill, so head right instead of continuing towards the windmill and go down when you reach the small stone near a tree.

From there continue to the right and you'll find a pillar with a goat's head on top of it and some footprints on the snow beside it. Head forward here.

Go towards the right and you'll find a gate, stop there and you'll see a small cutscene with a woman and a key. We need to find this woman now.

After the cutscene head further to the right and go down right where the sign with a goat's head is peeking out from .

Then head further to the right and you'll find a small shack with the door open. Press forward to head inside it.

Inside the shack you'll find a creepy doll hanging from the ceiling. Use your mouse to click on it and quickly move your mouse to the right. The doll's head should go all the way down as getting wound.

The doll will then do it's creepy little dance and point towards the two owls drawn on the wall behind it. Once again take your paper and pen, then right down the pattern of which owl it's currently pointing to.

Leave the shack and head further to the right. You'll find some sort of stain on the snow, like dirt or something. Go down when you see it.

Proceed towards the right again and you'll find two small stones just before you enter a thicker part of the forest, head down here.

Once you head down, head a little to the left and you'll find a sort of tombstone with 6 red dots and some unreadable writings around it. It's not important for the moment but do keep in mind the location of this stone.

Now proceed further to the left and head down when you're able to. There's only one spot that you can go down from here.

From there head to the right and keep going until you find the woman in the vision that you saw during the cutscene.

The woman will start moving across the landscape in a certain direction. Follow her movements and move forward when she disappears. She'll lead you right to where you need to be.

Eventually the woman will fade back and some flowers will start growing from the snow. The path will then open for you and you'll be able to proceed forward.

The woman will disappear inside the tree, leaving you alone with 2 owls on the branch. Remember that creepy dance the doll did? that's the key for this puzzle, just click the owls in the same sequence as the doll raised its arms to open the tree trunk.

In case you forgot the sequence and don't want to walk all the way back, here's the sequence: Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left. Although I'm not sure whether it's a random sequence or a fixed one.

That was the easy part of this puzzle. Now you're inside the tree in almost total darkness with sounds buzzing around inside. Within the dark you can hear the faint humming of a song, pan to the left or right and you'll see small lights from the ground and a sound resonating from each one.

You need to pass through the correct path a total of 5 times in order to reach the woman, the trick is to match the humming from the paths with the sound playing on the background.

If you're really, really bad at doing this then the answer is: 2nd path to the right, 4th path to the right, 2 paths to the left, 4th path to the left and finally 2nd path to the left.

After finding the woman you'll be brought out of the tree and the key that you need will appear from within the trunk. Click on the key and it will turn into water and fall to the ground. Great.

The Brook Horse

Now you have no idea what to do or where to go again. So go back down and leave the tree. Head all the way back to the tombstone with 6 dots and climb back down again from the only path that you can take (same as the one where you went down when you were looking for the woman).

However this time you'll be heading to the left side instead of the right side. Keep going to the left and you'll eventually find a log peeking from the bottom. Move down from there.

After moving down, head to the right and you'll find a horse head floating in the river. Point and drag the horse up to interact with him. He'll show you 4 ghostly babies.

Now leave the area and go back up the log that you used to get here. Now head to the left and keep going, you'll see a tombstone with some writing on it. Copy the symbol at the middle then continue to the left.

After moving to the right you'll eventually find a blood trail which leads into a building, enter it.

Inside you'll find a weird, prehistoric looking safe. Press U on your keyboard and drag the metal bars that are passing through the U, then do the same for N.

Now click on the door and fling it open to find your first baby. Click on the baby and this is important, just keep on holding the mouse button. If you left go then the baby will go back to where you found it.

Exit the building and drag the baby all the way back to the Brook Horse which will take it from you.

For the second one you'll need to head back to the windmill where you met up with the girl at the beginning of the story, it's still at the same spot so don't worry. You'll find that the mill has stopped moving and blood is dripping from the top.

Enter the mill and interact with the gears on the left side. Keep spinning it and checking back outside until the baby is low enough for you to see.

Once you see the baby, grab it and keep holding on your mouse as you make your way back to the Brook Horse.

The third one is a little further away. Head back to the shed where the creepy doll was (the one with the own drawings and funky dance moves) and head further right.

Go down on the trail at the right and you'll immediately see some blood drops on the snow towards the left. Follow it.

You'll find a horse wagon at the other end of the blood. Click on the wagon and move it forward, then swiftly move it back so that it hits the rock.

Now move the cart forward again and the baby will appear behind it. Grab the baby and take it back to the Brook Horse. I would also like to note that you will be passing through a lot of symbols going back and forth, I would also like to say that you must, must, must, MUST! be writing these things down.

Now that you have 3 babies here, it's time for the hardest and most trickiest of the little critters. It took me so long to find this one because of the sheer difficulty of locating it.

First of all, point to the top and look for the encyclopedia icon. Once it opens click on the blood stained entry called "Mylingen."

Now read the text and scroll all the way down to the bottom.

And you'll find the sneaky little bastard hanging around on the page like he owns it. Click on the baby and the encyclopedia will close on its own. Then you'll have all 4 babies.

The horse will give you the key, click on it and a crow will steal the key right from under your nose. Seems like we'll never get that key.

The Night Raven

With nothing else to do, start clicking on the blue flames quickly and they'll merge into one big flame. Click on the flame and carry it around with you, don't worry about letting it go. The flame won't disappear when you let it go.

Now take that flame with you and exit the river the through the log and head to the left. Keep going until you see a large green circular paint on the ground and head towards it.

Head to the right and go forward once you see the cart wheel that's lying in the snow.

Once again move to the right and go forward directly in front of the tree trunk with an axe burried in it.

Now move to the left and you'll find something that looks like an old bunker made of stone and wood. Head inside it to find that it's pitch black.

This is where the flame comes in. Drag the blue frame around the area to find some symbols written all over the place. You can also move left and right with A and D while in here.

I suggest that you write down these sybols and the corresponding dots next to them as you will need these for a puzzle soon.

After getting all the symbols, check the right side of the bunker and you'll find some blood from under a certain part of the wall. Interact with it to reveal a ladder. Now start climbing that ladder.

Once you've left the ladder, head to the right and ignore the crow/raven for a moment. You'll find the last tombstone with the symbol on it. Now go back to the bird.

Click the bird and hold that button. The night raven will then exit from the bird's mouth and fly away, leaving you with the key you so badly need.

The Church Grim

We're almost done here. Take the key and head aaaaaaall the way back to the gate where you first got the vision of the woman holding the key and this time it will open.

Inside you'll find a large stone with 4 more stones around it, each with its own engraving. But! We will leave these alone for now.

Instead we are going to go to the tombstone with red dots on it. Remember all the other stones with patterns on them? this is where you put those.

To those who did not write it down, nor do not want to walk around the area again trying to find each stone, I've made a pattern on the stone which you can copy. You can start at any point as long as you create these patterns.

Once you've entered all 3 symbols you'll get another vision with arrows. Write them down, you'll be needing them soon.

Now head back to the stones beyond the gate you just opened and the key to solving them are the symbols etched on the black trees around the area. The dots correspond to the number of dots on each symbol at the dark bunker.

To those who are just want the answer it's: 4 dots for the woman carving. 2 each for the horse and fetus. 3 for the bird. The door will open after entering those.

Go throught the gates and you'll find the church. there's an arrow on top of the door along with the goat head. The arrow sequence that you saw in your vision (from the tombstone) goes in here.

To solve this puzzle you'll need to do a full rotation towards the side that you need to go. For example you're going to the left, then you need to go to the left and all the way around the back and stop in front. The goat head will create an after image when you do.

The solution to the puzzle is: Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right. The door will open once you've rotated around the church in that sequence.

This guy will show up in front of you. Click on his cloak and move them to either sides to reveal his heart. Then keep on clicking at the heart until it breaks.

When it does, start clicking around the shattered glass in order to reveal what's behind the image before you.

The End

A weird crystal will be waiting for you behind the screen. start clicking around it where the lighter colored crystals are sticking out and they will break.

The second crystal you'll need to spin around, keep going until it breaks.

The third crystal you will see dots connected by lines floating around it. This one is easy, you just need to click on the correct order of dots to do this. The order is from 1-6, meaning 1 dot to 6 dots.

The fourth is the trickiest to solve. Basically you can spin it around like a dial, however, you need to spin it to the right first, then when a crystal locks in spin to the left and so on. Sort of like using a safe with the circular lock on it.

The last one is the goat head, just keep spinning it to the right until it loses its shape and breaks.

Now you'll find yourself back in the woods. But these woods are alive and green, a sharp contrast to the icy one you've gotten used to by now. Just keep going to the right to find what you're looking for. I won't spoil it.

Second Chance

Technically you can stop at the previous chapter, but if you want more then continue playing. The credits will be interupted and you'll be given a clue: South of the Brooks and North of the Mill. You'll be given another chance to do a Year Walk afterwards.

Okay, so now that you're back in the game. Go forward and leave your cottage, then to the left until you see this little brown box sitting in the middle of the snow.

Approach the box, then open your map. Now the clue is south of the brook and north of the mill. You don't need to go there, just run your mouse across the top of the map where the mill is and some letters will be revealed. Do the same for the brooks.

Now close the map and open the journal, it's on the top right corner along with all the other button. Enter the username and password on the screen that will pop-up. Username: theoalm68, Password: 1894.

There are a lot of journal entries here. Take your time and read through them to find the clues of how to open the small box in front of you.

Now interact with the box, you'll find that the middle part spins like a lock on a safety deposit box. The shapes are: 1. An upside down triangle. 2. The right half of a circle (D) 3. A square 4. An upright triangle and 5. The bottom-half of a circle.

The box will then open, revealing the items inside it and concluding the story to a better end than the first. Now we can all complain about that baby hiding inside the encyclopedia while we watch the rest of the credits.