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Frequently Asked Questions is run by a small group of dedicated people who understand port forwarding better than anyone else on the net. We are the Internet's #1 resource for port forwarding information. Our goal is to help you get your ports forwarded, and we are happy to assist you in any way that we can.

When you purchase Port Forward Network Utilities it comes with 1 year of support. During that year we will do our best to help you get your port forwarded. Our first goal is to make sure that PFConfig works with your router. By adding support for your router to PFConfig we not only fix your problem but we also enable you to forward your port and un-forward your port easily in the future to increase security on your network. We will happily add support for 1 router per customer during the first year.

Port Forward Network Utilities and PFConfig will continue to work just fine after the first year is up but we will not be able to give you personalized support for your networking issues. We want to help you but we just get too busy trying to answer all the messages that we receive. If you need support after 1 year is over then we have extended support available at a reduced cost. You can buy extended support from inside Port Forward Network Utilities, or from right here.

Meet the Team


  • Linux Software Desginer
  • Web Designer

You can most likely get ahold of Dave in the forum as dclark.


Jason is best contacted through the Support System as jason, but you can sometimes find him in the forum as jason.

Tad (tedie)

  • Software Support
  • Programmer

Tad is in the Support System everyday assisting PFConfig users under the login name tedie.


  • New Guide Generation
  • Software Support

Allen responds to requests to add screenshots on the website via our Requests page and answers PFConfig support questions in the Support System.


  • New Guide Generation

Aimie is continually adding new router specific guides to the website. If you need to contact Aimie, you can get ahold of her in the forum under the login name of aimie.

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