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Alan Wake Walkthrough Episode Four: The Truth

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Hartman will tell you that you are sedated. And you will go back to sleep.

You will wake up. Wait a bit and Hartman will come in. Follow him and listen to him.

Cauldron Lake is there, and you can see Mirror Peak on the other side of the rake. But it's going to rain. So follow the doctor back inside.

This is Emerson. He makes video games. The video game story teller says that involes small creativety.

There they are The Old Gods Of Asgard. The Anderson brothers

They found a manuscript. They will give you the manuscript. You will need to go to the Anderson farm to understand how to slay the darkness. There will be a clue there.

Return to your room.

You will start writing but you can't because something is wrong when you start.

Grab the key from the nurse who got knocked out by the Anderson brothers.

Go to Hartman's office

But first save Barry.

Hartman has all your manusripts. Even more.

He explains that everything he told was a lie and he wants all of your manuscripts.

But the darkness consumes him.

Escape the clinc before the darkness consumes you too.

Use the generator to destroy the darkness that consumed all the things in the lobby.

And you will need to get this ball to hit you. Dodge it and it will break the door.

Use it again here to break the door behind you.

This is one big clinic.

You will have to escape through garden. Barry will give you a flashlight.

Grab the supplies here.

Go right here.

Right again.


Then right

And you should get here. Well you will have to fight Hartman here.

Go forward

And by following the road you will get to Barry who dropped the key and can't find it. So you need to defend yourself until he finds the key. When he does. RUN FOR THE DOOR!

Don't worry the cutout is still fine.


Now you are seperated you don't have your gun nor flashlight. So follow the road infront of you to get them.

There it is. THE ANDERSON FARM. Get there.

Follow the road in front of you.

Here is a gate consumed by darkness. There is a generator to the left.

Go up here to turn on the generator for the light.

Point the light at the gate to advance.

Follow the path.

Now you will get a cutscene with a truck coming your way. You think that Barry got the car and is coming for you.

Switch your flashlight.

Pick up guns and supplies in this house.

Go inside that house. There is where the truck stopped. And you will hear a scream.

This is the guy who got drunk and was in prison. He is dead.

Get inside the truck and get to the farm.


Be prepared for a lot of enemy waves will come to kill you. On the background you will hear rock music and fireworks will save you.

Change any gun you have with this pump action shotgun. It's on the speaker.

After the concert all the fireworks will blow. All the enemies will die and you need to get to the Anderson house.

Climb the ladder to open the barn door.

Barry will make fun of you when you open the door.

In the barn climb up the ladders. Use this control panel to move the biggest and most awesome boat ever to open the barn door.

There is the Anderson house.

You will be attacked by enemies by the time you get to Barry. When you get to him Just open the door to let him out.

Now its just a straight road ahead to the Anderson house.

Get inside and go upstairs to find the fuse box. You will hear a gramophone playing.

Go down stairs to fix the record and hear the clue the Anderson brothers gave you.

The clue says that Cynthia Weaver is the lady of the light. And she help you in your jurney.

And you will get drunk becuse you hear their moonshine is the best.

You will fall asleep and get a dream that will tell you what happend during Alices disappearance.

Now you will take a first person look at what happend.

You will start at the part when you stormed out of the house angry at Alice.

Get inside the cabin and follow yourself.

You will jump off the terace after Alice.

Next you will see you climb up the platform. You will see Jagger saying that there is somebody by the window.

But then she turns into a douche and says that she is dead. But you can save her by writing a story that will bring her back.

So the cabin and you got consumed by the darkness.

So to save Alice and yourself you changed the story and put in Thomas Zane and yourself. He saves you but gets consumed by the darkness. And thats how you escaped the cabin and got to the car crash.

You wake up and agent Nightingale captured you by gun point.

You finished the chapter.

End of Episode Four.