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Alan Wake Walkthrough Special Feature Two: The Writer

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You will start at the exit of Hartman's clinic.

Use this. It's behind you.

You have to wiggle the light to hit the word crumble.

After you cross the broken wall. Turn around at this shed. Point your flashlight at the word surprise.

Inside you will find tools that you can use.

Climb the ladder to advance.

Go by this wall to advance.

To get a shotgun point the flashlight at the word pump.

Treverse through the hadgemaze. It's not even hard.

You got to Barry. Next go left to get to Thomas Zane.

You will attack be attacked by enemies and a weird soundtrack of the Old Gods of Asgard song Children of the elder god will be heard.

Use the fireworks to kill the enemies.

After that get inside to see Zane.

He says that he will lead you to the lighthouse. But not any further then that.

Now manuscripts are used to help you.

They give you words. Point your flashlight at all the words.

Get on the boat. Wait for it until it docks.

Get inside this cabin.

It will start spining. Try to survive.

Get out the same way you got in.

Follow the road infront to reach the lighthouse.

Climb the train cart.

Cross the log bridge.

Throw a flare inside the well.

Now you are in the pipe. Follow the light to get outside.

Now you will get inside a spining wheel. It's your house. Just go throught door to door.

Just jump in the water. It won't kill you.

Wait for the wheels to roll to the other side.

Wait for the wheel to rool so you can continue through that door.

Get inside the Well-Lit Room.

Get inside the elevator.

Push open the door.

Examine this.

Use the flashlight on the word wire to connect the power from a generator to the log lift.

Start the Generator and get back the the log lift.

Cross the log bridge.

Now cross this bridge. You will talk to Zane. He says that you are not real. And the you in the cabin is still not the real you. He is a part that wants to give up and you are the part that wants to continue living. But Mr. Scratch was real.

Now just continue climbing up the stairs.

Wait a minute here for zane to take a tree and make a connection from the bridge to the ground.

Continue following the light.

The lighthouse light will go out. Still don't stop continue to the lighthouse.

Here you will be presented with something really personal. You have to watch the whole thing.

This part is with you and Hartman. He says how mentally unstable you are. And that you shouldn't see Alice ever again.

You will play a record with Alice. She says that she never wants to see you again.

You may leave the room.

Continue to the lighthouse.

This is the last page Zane will give you. And this is the last time you will see him.

First thing is first use ignite to ignite the lighthouse again. Then the bridge.

Use the words clear to clear the rocks so you can easily kill enemies.

Follow the road given.

Enter the lighthouse and reach the top of the lighthouse.

Climb the ladder to get to the cabin.


Wait a minute to see you and Alice entering the cabin then use the flashlight on the word bridge.

You will get a long walk to the cabin. You will see Barry. He says that you have to abandon all your imaginations, including him.

Cross the bridge.

Barry will attack you. You will kill him quickly here.

The cabin is consumed by the Darkness.

You will need to kill Dr Hartman. Then the Anderson brothers.

And at the end Barry.

After killing them the cabin will be released from the darkness.

Get inside the cabin.

You will save yourself from the insanity you were, and you will try getting out of the Dark Place.

By writing another book called "Return"

End of Special Feature Two

You've finished everything the game has to offer. Good job :3