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Alan Wake Walkthrough Episode Six: Departure

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New York City Two years ago.

You will wake up with a hangover. Get sunglasses and aspirin. The sunglasses are on the right side of the bed, and aspirin is in the bathroom.

Now leave the Bedroom. You will get a voicemail from Barry saying that you should watch the TV. You are on TV.

Turn on the TV. You can watch the show, but turn off the TV if you want to continue the story.

You will talk to Alice about you getting drunk and passing out on the floor. You will tell her when you finish the tour you will go on vecation.

Bright falls The present day.

You will leave Barry and Sarah in the Well-Lit Room. And you will go to the cabin on the lake to finish the story.

Get into the car and get to Cauldron Lake.

Go on foot here.

When you get out of the car. It will be night and enemies will attack you.

When you kill them get in another car and go to Cauldron Lake.

When you get here turn left.

Go here there should be apartmants.

Get inside the aprtmant.

It's Agent Nighingales room. Grab everything you can here.

When you get out of there you will be ambushed.

Get inside the car and drive to the ramp.

Go on foot when you get to the bridge.

You will be attacked by objects possesed by darkness. Don't rush this part it's hard.

Destroy this thing by using a lot of flashbangs.

After destroying it. Get inside the car and Go to Cauldron Lake.

The schoolbus will start coming at you. Just drive, it won't hit you.

Go here on foot.

You will be ambushed by a lot of enemies in this tunnel. Just go slowly or the enemies will overwhelm you.

Again go into a car and get to Cauldron Lake.

Turn right here.

The gate is closed.

Get inside here and go through the house and find the button to get the gate open.

Again get in the car and get insde the junkyard.

Go here on foot.

Climb up the ladder.

Start the generator to lift the container to advance.

Continue to Cauldron Lake

Now go on foot to the lake.

Push this.

Run to the search light, use it a bit to kill some enemies.

Then run to the broken house. Push that cart.

Push this off the ladge.

Get inside this. Pull the leaver and go. Birds will attack you.

Follow the road in front.

Use this control panel. But the power is out.

Follow the eletrical wire to the generator then get back into the elevator and continue.

Now a lot of objects will block the path. Drop some flashbangs and everything will be gone.

Watch out here, poles will come through the wall to block your way. Use the light on it to destroy it.

Destroy the Tornado.

Run towards it.

You will get some flare gun ammo.

Shoot the flare gun directly at the centre of the tornado to destroy it.

Now you will jump into the lake.

You will wake up in your apartment. Everything is green and it looks like it's consumed. Something is weird with Alice. Get out from the bedroom and go to the living room. That's where the clicker is.

Light up the word CLICKER to get it.

Once you get the clicker Thomas Zane will come for you.

This is Mr.Scratch he will change you in the real world.

Light up the word PATH to advance.

Light up the word Bridge to advance.

Light up the words BIRD LAG CABIN.

Get inside.

Jagger will be waiting for you.

You will put the clicker inside her (She doesnt have a heart). And kill her.

You will finish the story. Make a good ending. But you will be consumed by the darkness.

Alice is saved. Everyone is happy for Deerfest.

And Rose is the next lady of the light.

It's not a lake. It's an ocean.

You've finished Alan Wake. But there are two awesome special episodes.